Happy Birthday Sarah (:

Woke up at 7am to get to Laura's house in the morning for some muffin-baking for Sarah's birthday. When I reached Kembangan MRT Station, and was ready to start walking to the bus stop with Jiayim, Sijia had only just woke up ._.

I don't really have much to describe about baking muffins, cos I ain't Nobelle who owns a super cool food blog with many recipes and restaurant commentaries. Seriously, people should start noticing her blog too! Not just Ladyironchef, who is pretty good too. Actually when we were deciding to bake stuff for Sarah yesterday I did try to contact Nobelle and ask for suggestions, but she did not really live near Laura so then it's alright (:

But some stuff I can say about our muffin, it was coffee-flavoured but there was no taste of coffee. There was sooo little sugar I felt I was eating a tasteless sponge more than a semi-sweet sponge. But the chocolate chips made up for it (: and the cream cheese was heavenly I was licking it off my fingers x)

Some pretty pictures;
These were the utensils used to mix the batter before the wooden spatula came into the picture.

The batter ready to be put in the oven!

This photo was taken using the {food} function of my camera (:

I think my camera's really really cool. It's the size of a compact digital camera, but it has the specs of a DSLR. The only difference between it and the DSLR is it has a missing manual focus lens. But I think the autofocus button was one of the best inventions ever. And also, my camera is able to take .gif pictures! I mostly set it to 3 frames per second, but there are other values too. And then when I download the photos into my computer, I am also able to get the pictures out frame by frame! 8) And there is also a videography function so it's like a all-in-one :D And it also has this selection menu to do enhancements, like choose the food / beach / indoor / kitchen / animals etc functions so that the camera is able to detect whatever was chosen and set the lighting and focus accurately to suit the picture.

I think my camera is more sophisticated than the actual DSLR I wonder why both my sisters love to compare their DSLRs with my cute little camera. Of course I know Colleen has grounds to do that because she uses a semi-pro, and has external flash / filters / ultra-long lenses / whatever she can get her hands on. But Celine uses an amateur DSLR and only has like two lenses and she wants to compare her camera with mine?!

Anw back to the baking. Laura has this really cute toothpick holder;
These four frames were extracted from a .gif picture I took of the bird picking up the toothpick. I don't really know how to upload .gif so I decided to use the frame-by-frame instead.

I also made another .gif of Sijia squeezing cream cheese into my mouth;
I had to do this over and over because the captures won't good so I guess even though this photo is pretty dark I don't want to do it again already! >.<

Then after school they went out for dinner at Aston's with Sarah which I didn't go.
But no regrets! ^_____^