Happy Mother's Day :D

To all the pretty mommys out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY :D It's your once-a-year day to order people around because you are the mom, of course the other day being your birthday, but everyone has a birthday so it's not all that great. Of course, there is also all the cliché stuff like moms sacrifice the most, and the most obvious physical and emotional example being the 十月怀胎过程. I really think moms are a very important and influential part of our lives, even though it may seem granted that they do stuff. Like my mom and Laura's mom prepares food for us to bring to school. Like Pearl's mom who drives her around quite often.

But why is there no Daughter's Day or something? Daughters need to be appreciated too )': Although I don't think I'm anything much to be appreciated, but at least celebrate me being a part of my parent's lives right?

Actually I think we should celebrate everyone everyday, then there will be no need for such special days if you appreciate the people part of your life everyday right? But I guess it's human to take things for granted, so these are the timely reminders, and also good family time where people try to set aside time to be with their family on such occasions (:

My hair today! Stop staring at my white hair, it's hereditary. My grandma got her first strand at age 14, and so did most of my aunts and cousins, I'm pretty lucky to have got it only when I turned 16 (: Anw what I wanted people to notice was my hair tie ~ I guess some people will remember it used to be one of my anklets, others would remember it used to be a bracelet and I found a new use for it today as a hair tie. Makes a pretty bun because the flower sticks out from the side. I'm so proud of me and how creative I am :DDD

So anw, as part of a usual Mother's Day, we'd bring my grandma out for dinner. My mom bought her a clutch from Takashimaya this year. I think my mom finally realised she bought so much jewellery for my grandma already she would not be able to wear all of it even if she changed one everyday for a month.

Dinner was Billy Bombers at Jurong Point. The serving portions were of amazingly large sizes we were all shocked when it came. Really quite a lot for the price we paid. For example, please take a look at the sizes of the drinks;
That's my grandma! :D I love her cos she is sometimes extremely openly biased towards me ♥ like she will 炖汤 for like 6 or 7 hours if she knows I'm going over. My cousins don't get that kind of treatment :P

My root beer float;
I'm pretty pleased with it cos they only filled the cup to half-full and gave me the rest of the bottle. Unlike some places where they will make sure the cup overflows with foam.

I'm kind of really full now because we thought the food was normal sized, and we ordered what we would normally think was okay. And for big eaters like my family, it meant a meal for each one of us, soups, drinks and desserts. Even though the portion was that big, we still finished the food cos we hate to waste food. So I think I'm going to get indigestion again >.< And guess what! The drinks were free flow ._________. But the fondue was great ^_____^