Interhouse Games 2012

I am sooo proud of Drakon! We are the only house with all the players + supporters wearing the house tee, be it the official or unofficial one. Why? Because the juniors have not yet received their official house tee, so the juniors of the other houses had no house tee to wear, but today our unofficial house tee arrived XP and also cos I got a royal blue Drakon tee so I'm pretty pleased about that :D

I only stayed from 2.30pm to 3.30pm cos I decided that I should study for eons test tmr. I remember last year Interhouse was right after GP Common Test so everyone was in the mood for some fun and games, and we were willing to stay. But not this year. We're in the middle of the crazy test week /:

From what I attended, which was essentially the opening ceremony and a little look at the games, I realised one thing has not changed. Interhouse does not start on time ._.

Opening ceremony this year was quite high. There was cheering, screaming and laughing at the other houses. Such as when the cloth from the Kirin mascot headgear fell off hehe. And while we were all cheering, I could not hear Homa at all. As in I could see them cheering, but no sound. Bennu's cheer was pretty messy. Seems like they were the only ones who understood what they were cheering about. But it was a short opening, it lasted only like maybe 10mins? I remember last year there were mass games, which they scraped this year.

I got to see a little bit of soccer and basketball before I left. For soccer, kudos to those people who brought the mat, electric fans and netball poles onto the grand stand. It must have been heavy. And also It was really resourceful to think of doing that, and to find the way to power up the fans throughout the games. Basketball guys match was really rough and tough. But was pretty fun with all that cheering (: I didn't get to see volleyball because it had not started when I left and there was no one there where the Mindsports were held, so I didn't bother to wait either.

The games will be ending at 7.30pm tonight, so all the best to the Drakon Warriors. I'm sure you guys will enjoy your game, and win it gracefully and with all due honour showered upon the opponent. Then after that enjoy the house dinner before going home to a crazy late night (: I'll be supporting you guys all the way even though I may not be physically there ^____^ maybe I'll go back at about 5.15pm but in the mean time, don't miss me too much x)