Jiamin's 18th Birthday

After William ended, me and Sijia went to dhoby ghaut to buy Jiamin's birthday cake. But accidents happen, and we stepped into Etude House and played with their free nail polish testers. This was what happened after 20mins;

I think the person must have been very sad. We stood there so long playing with the nail polishes and ended up only purchasing three bottles /:

Then I bought cakes from Emicakes;
Normally we only buy a mini cake enough for the birthday girl, but I bought four cakes this time because it was one for $2 only and buy three get one free! :D

Then me and Jiamin were the first to arrive so we went to Ramen Monster first. It's our clique's favourite ramen place (:

And we were camwhoring with Instagram while waiting for Huijun and Christine to come. Amanda couldn't come because she was sick ): GWS! >.<

Then when Christine and Huijun came we had more camwhoring with Instagram, Polaroid and camera :DDD

Photos from Instagram are in the Instagram live feed in the sidebar. I'm so hooked on Instagram now after neglecting my account for almost a year! :P but I think no one can see all the photos we took tonight because there were more than three and also some pictures weren't mine! D: I should like create a tumblr to archive all my pretty Instagrams! Or actually not. People who want to see it will just go check out my account on Instagram itself.

Photos from the camera!
Me and Jiamin camwhoring while waiting for the other two to arrive! And Jiamin was so picky about the sides so that her eyes will not keep darting. But it really works! (:

Another one of me and Christine's cheap thrills. We realised we used the same face for our gyoza picture on Instagram so we had to post the same comment too! :D

Jiamin's gelato (:

Being together alone x) we were all playing with Instagram while sitting together, and if you realise the faces on our phones are all separate because we took photo of each other to post! ^_________^

Clique Polaroids! Sadly Amanda's not a part ):

Then we sang Jiamin a birthday song in english, but no one ate their cake because we were all too full, so we brought it home. Which Christine was complaining about me buying a cake for her because she didn't want to carry it home. What is this ._. I try to be nice ):

Then we walked past Cotton On on our way back to the train station and Christine showed this to us;

Please read the fine print then tell me what's on sale.