Just Another Day ~

Life has become pretty mundane recently. I have nothing much to be doing. No CCA, no outings, not much at all. I go to school six days a week. I study for seven days. And that's pretty much it. Even the people I see are my schoolmates over and over again. Because sometimes we decide to study together on Sunday too. The places I go to are the library or Starbucks. I guess that is what being a Year 6 is about. It's about having lots of time on your hands, but you cannot seem to think of any other way to spend it except to study. It's about being the most hardworking, it's about attending lots of supp class and tuition and consultations. It's about having no conversation topic except about schoolwork.

Suddenly, I have no idea what I am doing at all. I have never ever seen myself so hardworking in my entire life. Even though I still keep up with my Korean / Taiwan dramas, but I spend half of my new found free time from the absence of CCA studying. To ask people whom have known me for since at least last year, they will most probably tell you I will be watching my dramas up until the maybe one week before the examinations. And all the free time I get I will be glued to the television. I usually stay up until late to finish my assignments because I'm always behind time on serious work. But this does not seem reflective of me now. Times have changed, and I am keeping up with it. But I am not keeping up with my dramas. There are sooo many good shows now I can't seem to find the time to watch. Even if I stop doing everything now and just do nothing but watch dramas for one week, I will still not be able to finish all those that I have cast aside in the name of books.

Another thing that I have been doing consistently for maybe three months now is my tutorials. I seem to have tutorials done before every tutorial for March and April and I haven't been asking Amanda for anything. It's how weird life unfolds itself ain't it? Things can change overnight, even without me understanding how it even happened.

And so tmr I proceed to school in the morning, allowing the cycle to repeat itself and let the days continue ~