Open House 2012

Open House this year had suddenly become so happening O: the SHSC + House Comm had planned an extra Open House event D'Carnival, and the Jap Club had a maid café in the school!

Throughout the 2.5hours I was there, I did not go see anything else except for D'Carn. So all this while I was in the canteen, without playing any games or doing anything at all even though there I had three Dunman Dollars books;
In the end I gave up my books to Charmaine so that she could give it someone who would be able to make use of it better.

The place was pretty crowded;
Please ignore Sijia's hand. Not very clear but most of the people were around the stage at this time. But most of the people there happens to be from our school. And I think there were too many Y6s. I would say we made up like 30% of the crowd, and the other 70% would be the parents, little kids and the juniors. Guess those little juniors would have something to say about us again huh.

Me, Sijia and Jiahui bought kebab! :D

Soy milk from Mr. Bean was free. They had a truck there which I found the three stuffed toys at the back über cute! :3

Redemption counter for playing the games;

Playing the games would earn stamps on this card;

And then 6 stamps could be exchanged for one of these stuff;
Notice all the symbols are the Senior High logo? O.O

But anw I was more interested in the performances rather than the games;
EDS! Those copycats were trying to promote their concert by doing a sneak preview.

Audrey! And Chik looked really tired while doing the beatbox. Poor guy.

D'Movement! They danced really well (: In fact, I thought it was a better performance than Fluxx, but I shall give the juniors more time to prove themselves.

XINNN ~ and Jereld was playing the guitar again.

These two juniors have awesome voices. Like really really.

Then I got pretty bored because the performances were repeating itself, so I went to look for mommy who was doing manicure + pedicure at Triple One Somerset. Then she brought me to buy my birthday present which for the first time in three years it ain't a diamond something.

The last time I invited people to celebrate my birthday with me was my 12th birthday which was Sakura Buffet. I remember my dad bought a $200 arcade game card for me and about 10 of my friends to share. And we were in the arcade for like 3hours. I go to the arcade a lot less now, although I still love the catch fish game ♥ This year, I'm having a buffet again, an upgraded version though. The rest of the years I did not have my birthday in Singapore except last year, which I sat at home with an Awfully Chocolate cake because a certain few people forgot about me ): this year, I'm not taking any chances.