I just got home. I remember I used to come home at this time pretty often before this year. But I guess everyone is studying, no one is going out with me. The last time I came home past midnight was maybe over a month ago. So guai of me (:

I went to watch a photoshoot just now after dinner. It was a clothing line for plus-size women at the shop itself. I haven't actually seen a fashion photoshoot happen so it was an eye-opener. I watched my mom do a portfolio of herself before though. She said she needs to remember how she looks at her peak with all that make-up and pretty clothes. And that cost something like $3000 and until today I have never actually seen the album ._.

It was a small-scale event so it really was not how I expected a photoshoot to be. For example, I imagined a large room with fancy backdrops. But it was a small room where everyone squeezed together and it was a single white colour background. Which was the wall. I would have taken photos, but I thought it wouldn't be nice to take photos without permission, especially when at the same time they are taking photos which they are beig paid for.

The women were really nice and friendly and they were totally not camera-shy. I had always thought that plus-size people were not camera-confident. But seems like I was wrong.

Then cos I was a little bored, I tried to put on the clothes. The belt could go twice around me. But it was super chio because it went two rounds. Like if I bought that same design my size, I think it would not be so nice. Then I tried some shirt which was the smallest size. It looked a pretty good fit for those kind of big drappy shirts which are worn over a tanktop on me (: I was actually thinking of buying one of those.

Time to sleep. Goodnight world.