Seraphina's Baptism

Today is Rong's re-birthday. More correctly it is her rebirth day. And the first time I attended a baptism ceremony! :D

I was the earliest to arrive because I learnt in the morning that I lived behind the same road as her church! Yio Chu Kang Road happens to be the longest road in Singapore, and it happens to pass by at the back of my house too O.O

During her turn, Rong gracefully leant back into the water and drank it. Ewww.

Then there was a service. Which I was being bored but I tried to listen. Rong's church is the first one I've attended in Singapore that feels like a European one. There were hymns and tinted glass and long wooden benches. I've only went to Christine and Laura's church before so that speaks alot about my ignorance ._.

Then after the service ended we camwhored a little before going for lunch;
birthday girl! :D

me and Kaiwen with Rong! Rong is holding the present we got her, and we holding our cards we wrote (:

me and Kaiwen trying to show off our rings but can't really see from this picture, so I zoomed in on the photo;
nice right my ring! i bought it on friday at $3 :DDD

After lunch there was rock-hard icecream cake! ^__^
We sang the birthday song for Rong even though she didn't want to grow any older. Hehheh.

And Kaiwen did my hair for me ♥ it was a pretty waterfall braid;

Dinner was the new shabu-shabu hotpot restaurant that opened near my house. The one thing my sister noticed as we were eating was {The wet tissue smells super nice} O.O

And yesterday I proved to Orchard Road + William's Saturday 2-4pm class how cute I am (:

Then after a while I decided to tie up my hair so it became this;

It ain't everyday that you see someone daring enough to dress like that and walk down Orchard Road as if there is nothing wrong and then suddenly stop on the stairs and throw up. I was having a bad case of indigestion yesterday ):

And I'm going to wear contacts for the rest of the week cos my specs were sent for repair. $90 to change one unbreakable lens which cracked T___T $180 to change both sides so I decided to change the broken side only. Seriously if the lens can break please don't use the word {unbreakable} to describe it so loosely. Unbreakable is ballistic lens. Not cheap plastic. Even though $90 ain't pretty cheap either. So when my glasses come back, it'll be worth $790.

So please remember that when you see me with specs I'm worth at least $1000 on me. The only pair of shoes I own that are worth less than $100 are my $80 leather slippers which I only wear to go to the hawker near my house so you'll most probably never see it. And I hardly wear clothes that are worth less than $50 out of my house. Mostly because I don't have a lot of them because I feel itchy wearing $10 coarse cloth tees. How do I even survive going to school omg. Cos I hardly wear dress so like two pieces of clothing on me is $50 x 2 = $100. That's at least $1000 not counting accessories and bags.

But that being said, I go to school super cheap. No accessories except for my earrings, I wear $0 sports shoes and carry a Vans school bag which I bought in an outlet mall in America. I think it was less than US$20. Can't remember now. I WANT TO GO SHOPPING IN AMERICA AGAIN DDD: (I'm going in January next year heh.)

I feel like I should sleep in tmr.