What May The Problem Be?

I'm pretty upset today cos it's the nth day I am taking the stairs down Lorong Chuan MRT. Since last Tuesday, there has been a barricade around the escalator saying {equipment under maintenance}. And until today, it's still there! I thought maintenance works usually last for only a day, at most two. And it's not so bad if they are really doing work, but from what I see, nothing has moved at all. The piece of waste tissue I saw on last Wednesday is still at where it was this morning. If they have no plans to maintain the escalator yet, can they please just switch it on?! It's such a waste of resources to build something and then disallow everyone to make use of it.

Oh and the lift at Mountbatten MRT makes this high pitched screechy noise which hurts my ears. I really think that thing needs to undergo maintenance or at least change the recording of that woman's voice so it stops making that painful sound. And it's only that recording which is bad. The lifts at Marymount and Bras Basah sound fine.

And also, I'm quite pissed with NEA. I wanted to complain about my neighbour and his extremely smelly house. The stench feels like he rears chickens in there. So then I tried to google for my town council's number which does not exist. I called the general town council number and I learnt that my area is a private estate, not classified as a town so I have no town council T_____T then I called URA. And they told me to call NEA who classified the case as air pollution O.O so the person was supposed to call me back. He did one week later, while I was having GP lecture. So I rejected the call. And that idiot called me five consecutive times. The moment the phone starts ringing I reject the call, but he doesn't seem to get it and within 30secs my phone rings again. Five times in a row before he gave up. Then because it was a foreign number and it kept calling me so urgently I called back during break but the guy who picked up the phone told me the officer went out for lunch. So I said he may call back after 4pm. That was 4 weeks ago. He hasn't called back since. Are they trying to pretend this thing has not happened? What if I get lung disease from taking in the bad air? Who will be responsible then? I already did my best by calling them but they decided to pretend I don't exist. GRRR >.<

And has anyone noticed this thing?

In case you can't read it well, it says
Certificate of Lift Maintenance
With effect from 1st April 2005, it is no longer a statutory requirement to display the Certificate of Lift Maintenance. SMRT will continue to ensure that lifts at MRT stations are properly maintained.
I saw this like last week and then I started to realise that all the lifts at every train station has this notice in them. So this thing has been there for maybe 7 years already? Circle line's not even 3 years yet, but I guess they must have been placed in those older train stations since 1st April 2005. Seriously. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. If there is space to place that notice there, why not just display the certificate?! Why are you wasting space telling me useless stuff when you can just tell me what I need to know so that there is no discrepancy about whether the lift has been maintained or not.

Question everything, except race, religion and politics. Ain't that what we're taught to do?