Why I Hate You.

Some people do not truly understand the meaning of clique. They simply call a group of people who hang out together a clique. But under certain circumstances these people have to be together, and even if it may be a happy experience, it does not really constitute clique.

For example, I have lunch with the other girls in my class during school days. Even though I enjoy their company, and sometimes we go out and have fun together, I would not call them clique. Neither would the JCLP bear + bunny + ninja be called my clique. They are good friends.

Clique is true love, ever-lasting friendship, one-of-a-kind dependency all fulfilled at once.

So I'm saying this because some people don't understand that some friends are more important than others. They should be diagnosed with last stage of 公主病 / 王子病 and kept in a mental hospital or something to stop them from irritating me. Even if I'm super zilian or what I still know that I have to ask other people if they want to go out with me and I understand if they decide to reject my offer. Like I know Christine has church friends, and so does Laura. And I know people have other commitments besides me.

Just because I try to be obligatory to everyone and join in outings so long as I can make it does not mean you can help me plan my time. You still have to ask if I'm free and willing and not send me a SMS like 3 days before the outing and inform me to turn up. It wasn't even a question. That's just totally taking my presence for granted. And it's not the first time. I seriously hate the way you try to make me sound like I should be guilty for missing stuff. Yes, I used to buy that but I have no longer anymore guilt more than irritation.

Do you understand the big difference between those who tell me not to turn up for fun fun stuff because I need to study and those who make me face them whom I hate when I could have better spent the time studying? I'm not blind or ignorant or void of feelings. I know what's going on around me even if I don't show it. So just get out of my life if you simply don't understand this theory of true friendship and true care and concern.

Everyone is self-interested. You are selfish, self-centred and a self-proclaimed know-it-all when in fact you're just totally ignorant and a frog in the well with no basic common sense, social skills, or EQ.

And to that stupid, irritating, upsetting SMS that I didn't reply, the answer is NO.


Anyway my 43kg thing was a total lie T___T the weighing machine in school stated that I was still 41kg. So that extra 2kg must have come from my dinner since I took my weight after dinner. And it is highly possible I had 2kg of food. Before dinner I ate half a pack of cheese 肉干 and I had 2 bowls of porridge and then an entire tub of Swensen's ice-cream to myself. So it was digested overnight and disappeared /: