Normally I don't Photoshop my photos not because I don't know how to, but because I believe in natural beauty, or why not just say I'm too lazy /: The only times I use Photoshop is when I need to arrange my photos in such a way that is not doable within Blogger, or I want to add my watermark.

But anyway, after studying for a whole day today, I have decided to do something fun, but was too lazy to leave the house, so I went scrolling through the birthday pictures and found this ultimate glam photo of us in the set of .gif;
Fine, actually only Jiamin looks glam ._. But actually all her faces look the same throughout the 14 pictures. She's just smiling (:

Anw that's the edited version. Here is the original;

Somehow, after looking at the contrast, I am starting to wonder if natural beauty ain't the most beautiful afterall. And I haven't even started editing away all the flaws in the picture, I only did the colours. Should I start editing all my pictures from now on so they'll all look nice and bright? .____________.