Good Ol' Times (:

A really fulfilling past two days, yesterday with Alicia and today with Yanxin (: I think meeting up with long lost friends and catching up is always one of the most amazing things that can happen. Next up, my lovely Concourse + Bunnies, let's go out okay? ):

Yesterday Alicia came over to my place to do her nails because it's her birthday on Friday!
I tried my best but seems like I need to learn to control the brush better >.<

And I made her a bracelet too, the design I saw at the flea outside *scape when we went to F3 and I said I will try doing that one day. And I finally did. But the front part was a bit screwed up. After some practice, the ending part of the bracelet looked obviously nicer ._. Picture ripped off Alicia's blog XP

And she got me a pretty file and showed me her $5 thumbdrive which was totally M18. Luckily I'm already 18 years and a few days old, if not she'll be contaminating my poor little mind /:

Today was study session with Yanxin Darling ♥ haven't seen her in more than a year! And I finally sat down and study after two and a half weeks of wreaking havoc.

I think we started studying from 11.30am to about 6.15pm with a lunch break and some chit-chat in between. And I completed reading all of stats within the time 8) then we met a lot of Chinese nationals on the way to the train station asking for directions. I have encountered people asking for directions, but I have not yet been asked for directions twice in something like 10mins O.O then we watched some live performance. The song the guy wrote was really not bad leh. A pity it's a bit short, if not he can have it up on a single. I'll buy that song.

To Yanxin and Alicia, thanks for the fun, the file and the card! :D quote a song for you two;
好的事情 最后虽然结束
感动十分 就有十分满足
谢谢你 是你陪我走过那些路
严爵 《好的事情》

Love you ♥ love everyone ♥
Have a great life pursuing your dreams (: