Heartware was Stomped O:

If I ever had a Stomp account, I think I'd press the {bochup} button for everything. Because I really couldn't care less about Stomp. Of course, I know Stomp has its benefits, but I think it's meddling too much into others' affairs such that people are becoming too afraid to be Stomped they have become overly self-concious. So I decided to be sub-cultural and tell Singaporeans that I couldn't really be bothered about what they do with their private lives. In fact, I have actually only been on to Stomp less than ten times, and I dare safely say even less than five times. The last time I was there was to see the maid helping the army boy carry his bag.

But last night, Jeffrey showed me something on Stomp and I decided that I had to have a say about it, but obviously I was not about to create an account just for this time and let it stay dormant for the next ten years. So the only other platform would be here.

This is the article:
Why are those above 26 not allowed to volunteer for NDP 2012? 
STOMPer Wallace Tan is puzzled after finding out that a non-profit youth organisation, Heartware Network, does not allow people above 26 years old to volunteer in the National Day Parade (NDP) this year. 
The STOMPer wrote:
"I always thought that NDP is a national event and anyone with passion and interest can volunteer to help out in the event.

"Why Heartware only allows people between 16 and 26 years old to volunteer in the event? Those people who got rejected cannot join?

"If they are looking for 550 volunteers, why must there be an age limit? 
"I thought HEARTWARE is a volunteering organization and allows any age group to join? It is a volunteering organization for Chingay and NDP. This is the first year they will be providing volunteering service. Will they be doing the same thing for the Standard Chartered event?

"I had never come across a volunteering event that does not allow people age 26 and above to join."

Obviously as a past volunteer thrice and hopefully a future volunteer for the next idk how many years of my life, I am going to be extremely biased towards Heartware because it has provided me with many wonderful memories, but I shall try to be as nice as I can about this. So before I start insulting people, I shall praise someone first.

Kudos to the person who blanked out all the names before putting the pictures up, be it the person who Stomped the article, or the people working at Stomp. Thank you for protecting their privacy. Although I totally can guess who they may be, but I don't think most Stompers can. As a matter of objectivity, I guess this is an excellent example of 对事不对人.

To the person who Stomped this article about there being an age limit of 16 to 26 years on the volunteers, I think Heartware has always prided itself as a youth organisation. The UN defines youth as the people of ages 15 to 24, so Heartware has already given a two year allowance to those who exceed it, and for the 15 year-olds, they are allowed to volunteer for Chingay. I don't actually think you can dispute how youth is defined, unless you decide to take it up with the UN, so that would mean you would prefer to dispute the idea that anyone with passion can volunteer regardless of age. Well, yes I do agree. Last year, at the parade, I saw volunteers as young as primary school kids, to those as old as the senior citizen dancing group. Anyone can volunteer. But not everyone can volunteer under the same organisation. There are many reasons to this. Why not you try volunteering with the primary schools when you're not a teacher or a current parent volunteer? Or the NTUC marching contingent when you are not an employee of NTUC? Or the army when you are not a full-time national serviceman even? They are all going to give you the same reply. They have protocol to follow and they cannot just allow anyone in. Heartware as well, the protocol says only those between 16 and 26 years old. Btw that already proves wrong your title. It should not read {Why are those above 26 not allowed to volunteer for NDP 2012?} but rather {Why are those above 26 not allowed to volunteer for NDP 2012 under Heartware?}

If you still think passion can get you anywhere, try joining Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes. They have an age limit of 13 to 25. Go tell them you have a burning passion for entrepreneurship and see if they let you take part.

Usernames are a form of protective identity, and I have nothing against them in general. I use usernames too, like {ohsosweetandprettyme} and on 微薄 I'm {可爱糖衣}. But what's up with people whose username is {fakeheartware}? So you create a username to mock at others and then what. Leave it hanging and never use it again? Then Stomp has to start clearing up their username bank, because I'm sure if he could do it once, he must have created many other usernames to mock at other people too, no? One day there may be more people on Stomp than the 4.5mil people we have in Singapore.

And those people who create multiple usernames to chat with yourself on forums. Are you so sad? Like you have no friends you have to talk to yourself in different capacities over a social networking site and agreeing with yourself? Also, isn't it so troublesome to log in and out again and again and again?

Anw I wanted to talk about people's comments but then I think I'd rather not. Because the people who bother to type in full sentences to make a concrete argument have a point to make, whether for or against Heartware. But those people who are talking nonsense, I think they know they are talking nonsense too so I shall not lower myself to the standard of critiquing things that are a worldwide known fact of being rubbish. Because then I'll look like I have so little IQ that I cannot distinct arguments and rubbish, and that I can even take nonsense so seriously.