I'M 18 Part II

Yesterday was family and today is clique! :D This is the second time they celebrated my birthday on time. In Y2, we had some geog field trip we had to go on our own so we planned for it to be on 11 June and that was the first time. Last year was the most 离谱 one, I had my birthday celebration on Christine's birthday .___. But of course I also remember on my 16th birthday, they colluded with my daddy and came to my house to surprise me, even though it was already nearing the end of the school holidays :D

So for my 18th birthday, my dad paid for us to go eat buffet. What better thing to do then eat buffet with a clique that spends most of our time together eating (: When I was 12, I treated my schoolmates to a buffet on my birthday as well, and then my dad bought us a $200 arcade card where we lasted for over 3hrs. This year, we lasted 2hrs 45mins in the buffet itself.

Disclaimer: Usually I upload all the photos we took on Facebook, and I select some for my blog post. However, there will be no photos uploaded on Facebook for this lunch today because Amanda said we have to be sensitive, and I kind of agree although I don't see how that helps.



Ice cream with crepes! :D

Didn't bother to take photo of other food cos we were too busy eating (the prawns Amanda shelled for us) haha :D and when Amanda washed her hands in the water bowl, Huijun was commenting about how dirty it is etc, and then after that she flicked some chopsticks paper in. To think she always laugh at me for being childish! Who's being childish now >.<

But watching Huijun eat is always an enjoyment. She started complaining about being too full from the time she stepped into the restaurant. Because she had breakfast first! We all went there with an empty stomach to eat our hearts out and what was she doing! And she took a plate with two prawn crackers and a prawn .___.

Group photo after eating!
Did we become fatter? /:

Oh and this is the card Amanda made for me!
Cute right! Omg I was super touched can. And we took a video of me opening it. And I had to do it twice because of something inside the card ._.

And another present I was super touched about;

I think I'm such a touchy person (':

And Amanda found out that my camera can make .gif so she was busy making .gif of a spinning chopstick and us doing 十四连拍, and she even wanted me to dance in public so she could .gif it! >.< But I can't upload it cos I have no idea how to.

One last photo! Me and the OL;