I'M 18!

I know I told a lot of people this already but today I am no longer a 小妹妹, I am now a 美眉 because I am finally 18! :D But no, I did not watch any M18 movies yet.

But guess what I spent the first hour of my birthday doing? And I literally meant the first hour from 12mn to 1am. I WAS DOING T3A T__________T tell me if I'm sad or what ): Anw, besides that I totally enjoyed myself today! :D Special thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday, no matter how simple it was. I feel really blessed that so many people remembered ♥

Best presents / messages of the year!
Mummy and daddy got me a messenger bag made of cow hide! It's sooo pretty and it is big enough to keep A4 paper so I can carry it to school :D although I never ever go to school that expensive but that's another thing.

Christine and Amanda!
I almost wanted to kill Amanda when I saw the first part of her message. Luckily she made it up with a nice message if not she will not be alive after tmr hahaha.

Sijia! She baked a 生日快乐 cookie for me! ♥

Jia Yim sent me a very nice text :3

Da Yuan! He says the best birthday gift he can give me is to protect our country and that includes protecting me ._.

William gave out study packs, but it coincidentally happens to be in a Happy Birthday bag and well, let's just say I imagine it to be a birthday gift (:

Of course, I must not forget my favourite present of all time, the 自恋 box Xinxin, Zi Yang and Yiren made for me! I know that was three years ago, but it still sits on the table in my room because I 舍不得收起来. It's really pretty and 很用心 ♥ I can feel the love overflowing from inside that box ~

I don't really have much memories of birthdays in Singapore, so there ain't a lot of wishes I could receive while not being in the country anw. So I want to remember also one of my most crowded birthdays, in Italy because my daddy was there to attend a conference and all those people celebrated my birthday for me! I got multiple birthday songs, all in different languages by all those who came from around the world to attend the conference 8)

Dinner tonight was amazing. I went up to the top of MBS;
Amazing view from up there! A pity Gardens by the Bay has not yet opened /: I would really love to go see it when it opens up next month :D

Dinner was at Bay Sushi;

The food is amazing and they have such pretty presentation too!
Crabstick sushi! And the white sauce over it is the same one served with lobster salad (: i have no idea what it is called though.

Five slices of salmon sashimi. The wasabi is top grade, I would guess its contents is almost 70% 8)

Chawanmushi! :D super soft and nice ~

Softshell crab!

Cheese cake!