Japanese Arts Fiesta II

After 折腾-ing so much with myself and the JCC people (mainly Rong and Eileen), I still finally went to JAF today since I was waiting for Sijia to be done, and there was nothing else in school, not even the canteen or the classroom block.

So anw, since I was one of the first people to arrive, even before its opening hours at 11am, I got a goodie bag! :D Actually I was early because PTP ended at 10.15am, and I went downstairs immediately. This is the ticket;
I think the design quite suits the theme (:

The goodie bag was sponsored by Canon, so there was a Canon paper bag, a Canon PhotoYou magazine which Colleen already had (she has the whole collection from the very first issue, mind you), a Canon SD Tofu-man card reader, and a chio Canon bag charm of a pretty vintage-looking camera!

Then as they were getting ready to start up I went browsing around. After the event formally started I went browsing around too (: But before that, I helped Choo Chin give out the shirts and goodie bags at the reception and ticketing booth;

There was this auntie who bought multiple tickets to get multiple goodie bags. I know the stuff inside add up to more than $50 and the ticket is only $2, but no need to be so cheapskate right? And after she got two goodie bags, and we told her we cannot give out anymore because there wasn't enough, she pointed to those reserved goodie bags and asked why she could not have those when there were so many. Then Choo Chin explained it was for the invited guests, and she was like {That's not very fair. How can you reserve goodie bags for them like that?} in that kind of 理直气壮 manner. Hello auntie, people are invited guests who have come to be the official photographer, the press etc. Who do you think you are?

So anw, besides singular weird aunties, there were loads of photographers, makeup artists and even cosplayers coming in dressed-up and all! I wonder how they felt when they were taking public transport in those outstanding + a little outlandish costumes of theirs! Two cosplayers which we gave out goodie bags too;

Then I went to the area outside the Auditorium where I tried to win some sweets by trying out the activities! But I gave up after the first station which was terribly difficult for someone with bad coordination skills like me;

Then I went to sit at Choo Chin's and Eileen's booth because I was really bored. I had already seen all the stuff twice.

Japanese food!
This is sooo cute omg! As I was walking towards the food booth I actually thought it was real and for me to try >.<

Snacks! I really love 白色恋人 from Hokkaido alot and alot and alot! It's not available in Singapore except for those small-time importers who charge lots because of their small quantity. But I don't mind because this is the first time I found it in Singapore! And the junior who ships in all these food said I can contact him next week he'll save a box for me :D so sweet of him ~

There was also a Maid and Butler's Cafe which cost $10 to go in, and there was no photo-taking with the maids, so I ended up taking a photo of this instead;
I thought it was quite funny! x)

Then as I was being bored, I was texting Alicia who is also a cosplayer. She asked me to go request for coscards from the other cosplayers but I was too shy to talk them! They were all so well-dressed and I was in school tee and skirt. And they were all so cute I'd look inferior standing next to them /:

And there were the concerts too, which I went super early, even before it started so there was nothing to see haha.

Overall, I think JAF was really a not bad event, and it was a public event, so I was pretty amazed they could actually get cosplayers to come to our in-the-middle-of-nowhere school. So yup, kudos to JCC! :D