Mega Flea Market 2012

I wanted to try something new with my hair so I did my hair twice this morning before I got it correct, and then my mom said {Don't do that, makes you look like ah-lian} .___. So much for being innovative and daring to try out new stuff. But in the end I didn't take it out, but I don't think I want to post pictures of me looking like that /: but I thought it was nice! >.<

So anw today I went to the Mega Flea Market for the entire day to help out at my mom's new investment. I won't say what we were selling, because not many people need it, and those who do will most probably already know about its existence because there ain't many people selling these stuff in Singapore, and it is kind of classified as a necessity. But of course, there are people who already know what it is, because either I told them, or it was mentioned in a post last month.

When we arrived at expo, those who were already there said to me {You're here to help today?} and then my mom told them I was there more for the shopping than to help. Which sort of became a self-fulfiling prophecy when she gave me $100 to go walk around with. If she did not, I would most probably have sat at the booth moping about how I only have $10 in my wallet and could not bear to spend it so I would have bought nothing.

I got really good deals because I was there the whole day. I waited until the stall owners were ready to start packing up before I started my shopping. Because it is those times that people get desperate to clear their stocks and they start going really cheap. Like I got two bottles of OPI nail polish for $8 each. And a pretty choker handmade with coral stones. It has a really rustic look it's so pretty! :3 I posted a photo of it on Instagram but it kind of looks really unflattering of it /: the pros of being there right up til the end ~ but of course, that meant that my choices were really limited.

I thought dog parlours were absurd enough, but today I saw a shrimp boutique O.O They were selling Wonder Shrimps. It is like this clear water flask filled with water and some plants and two shrimps and it'll just survive. It's an entire eco-system of its own and does not need maintenance at all. I was super amazed at that thing. And most importantly, the flask was designed to be so pretty! I thought it would be unethical to take photos so I ripped this off their website (as if ripping made it anymore ethical -.-);
Cool right! And I learnt that the shrimps only grow up to about 1.2cm in size, so they are cute :3

I was very irritated with a certain auntie. The stuff were selling cheap at the flea to try to make a name, promote their new start-up business, not to make profit. But neither was it to make losses. So most things were slightly above cost price, and by that I mean only about one or two dollars more. And mind you, some of them were imported from France. So there was this auntie who wanted something that was originally ~$50 but was going at $15. And she tried to bargain price to $10. The most irritating part was that she was comparing it to one that she had, which she said cost her $8. Firstly, I don't like to bargain. Either take it or leave it. I guess people who shop with me should know, I never bargain, I just pay even when I know I am being cheated. But so long as I feel it is worth it enough to be cheated, so what. Secondly, when I looked at the one she already had, I kind of could already tell it was of inferior quality. I have nothing against her personal choices if she likes things which are value-for-money, but can she not talk as if they are the same thing and thus should be charged at the same price? It's like saying a Ferrari sports car and a BMW sedan are both cars, so why not we pay the same for them? Then we'll have too many Ferraris causing accidents on the streets at night hehe x: And the last thing, she continued about how poor she was and how much she liked it for 20 whole minutes! I was using Instagram while she droned on so I could tell. HELLO I'M NOT THERE TO HEAR YOUR SOB STORY AND NEITHER AM I INTERESTED. In the end she also didn't buy it. GRRR.