Pre-June CTs.

Countdown three days to June CTs. I'm actually more worried that I'm not worried rather than being worried for the exam itself. So typical of me huh. It's as if I'm imagining that I can flunk my CTs and yet surely get my 7As at A-levels. But maybe it's because I have not yet met with a national exam, so I don't really understand the strive and hardwork those O-level people put in. I don't know how nervous I am supposed to feel, because all these while, we've only been competing with our own schoolmates. And PSLE don't count. Because I remember I didn't even understand what PSLE was. The night before it, I was watching Goong. And I was super happy about PSLE because we got to go home straight after the paper! Never been home so early before :D Poor innocent me who finally figured out what had happened only when I got my results and the teachers tried to explain to me what to do with it ._.

I've been studying the past few days. I won't say studying hard, because I watch a little TV after dinner, wake up after 10am and laze around in bed, and I also did some other weird stuff, bought a new iPhone case, and a new pencil case etc. Oh and I finally got my Light Pink 0.4! ^__________^ Even though it was $0.20 more expensive, but I guess it'll do because I won't be able to find it elsewhere alr. Currently I'm waiting for Amanda to be done with her T3A because I'm vetting for her.

I got my pretty new cute Winnie the Pooh pencil case when I was out studying with Alicia, and Yu Sheng joined in. It was a little off my budget, but then I still decided to get it because it was soft and cute :3 And now I'm totally in love with it And the Smiggle iPhone case. I saw it as I walked past the store. It is one of those things that catches my eye and I know I must have it. So I went in and then they told me it was out of stock. But I really liked it! So I asked if they could go get the display set for me because they displayed the entire thing together with the packaging, so it's not those kind of display items I won't buy. I guess now that I've become less interested in shopping I get to buy stuff I really like, because I see it and I buy it. It's not those kind of things that I buy and dump at home because it was chio at first but not so much anymore.

These few nights I've been pretty sleepless. I'll climb into bed at around midnight, and then only fall asleep after 2am. That's why even though I set my alarm for 9am I can't wake up, because then I'd be sleeping too little hours. And I have no idea why. Is it because I am studying before I sleep so my mind can't suddenly slow down? Or is it cos I wake up too late so it's too early to go to bed? Or cos I am too worried about CTs? (which cannot possibly be). Anw I need to sleep! Especially during the exam period when I need to wake up at 6am! >.<

大家加油!136 days to GP ~