Belated Birthday Cards

The sweet sweet 6C41 girls gave me my birthday presents and birthday cards like almost one month past my birthday ._. But because I really wasn't expecting anything from them so it came as a nice surprise ♥ I'm going to reply the messages, although I'm really lazy to take photos of the cards so just bear with the urge of wanting to see what pretty cards I received heh.

It's pink! :D haha. I really like how my name was stamped onto the card and then the alphabets appeared on the envelope ^______^  How do you even remember Y2 Level Camp that was sooo long ago. It was St John Island right? I remember we were crawling on the basketball court on our elbows and the bugs and there were people living on that island which is like so isolated from the rest of the world O: Yup I love the gifts! I'll bring my Percy Pigs to class to share ^____^ and no, I don't have everything. I'll always be here for you too ♥

I think you have an amazing ability to predict when I'm smiling hehehe. I remember you wrote {Bet you're smiling now right!} on my Christmas card too, and it's both right! Yayee you *\(^_^)/* not only because of your predicting ability, but also because your message never fails to make me smile (': I especially like {珂俐很可爱} ♥ ♥ ♥ I should learn from Wu Ai and join the Jiayim Fan Club tooo ~ you're always so sweet :3 I think you already know that I had an awesome, sweet and pretty 18th birthday so no need to say again. Let's work hard together and stay cute together =^.^=

The card's so pretty! Although the prettiest part is the two people in the photographs in the front. I really wonder who so chio :3 I haven't watched a NC16 movie yet so idk if I'm ready for the M18 >.< Oh the pig pencil looked like the pig just came from some outerspace it's so cute! The pig on the pencil was describing its home to the pigs on my desk they are making good friends now ^___^ Really cool to have gotten to know you too ~ and you always help me with work so I'm really grateful ♥ Next time we should do more bimbo stuff together hehe :D

I noticed my name written amongst the flowers :D thanks for the pretty handwriting, it really looked like it was either stamped or printed (: you know I didn't know the thingy was an umbrella until my sister told me and then I suddenly realised how fail I was .____. and the highlighter box was so difficult to open I dropped three highlighters on the floor trying to pry open the box T___T I think I should give you a blue ribbon for making a difference, and so should everyone get one too. All the best to you too ♥

It was such a pretty envelope and the sticker stuck so well I could not bear to tear it, so I had to get a letter opener just to slice the envelope open ._. Then when I read your message I know I had made the right choice to do that because you specially {chose to write on pink paper with pink pen and put in pink envelope} I would have felt so guilty if I tore it >.< And I don't need to act more mature, I AM MATURE. 加油 together! ♥

The strawberry sticker smells awesome! How long do you think that will last? I hope it lasts forever so I can keep scratching and sniffing 8) The purple ribbon sticker in the card is really cute, I was wondering how it got there, like maybe you drew it or stamped it until I noticed the transparent sides. Don't be sorry about the belated card, I'm really touched to have received it already. I know my birthday is during the hols so most people don't bother so I'm really very happy :D Let's work hard together! ♥