Canopy Garden Dining

Today we went to dinner at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar at Bishan-AMK Park with guests from Indonesia. It's like this spa-resort like place planted in the middle of a park, so the atmosphere completely changed when I take a step from the park into the area. It's a pretty amazing kind of feeling (: And the area is pretty weird, so I have no idea what to call it actually, that's why it's just called {the area}. It is run by the same company, but within that tiny place every building has its own name, but it has no overall name ._. The area encompasses a spa called Aramsa Spa, a cafe called The Greenroom Cafe, the dinner place which is Canopy Garden Dining & Bar, and a Pilates area. Then because it was dinner time, the whole place was actually only dining from Canopy Garden Dining & Bar, but they sat in all the different buildings available because the rest were not in business at those hours anw.

Just some around the place pics;

And here's where we dined;
This is actually the cafe area, but cos it's just the same place so ya. No difference.

Pumpkin soup;
It was pretty interesting because all the soup there had the same cream base it's only the seasoning that is different! See my orange layer of sauce right at the top? That's the pumpkin seasoning. And there is vegetable soup and chicken soup as well. And it's really nice that there are real pumpkin cubes inside (:

ABC2 Fruit Juice;
That's actually Apple Beetroot Carrot and Cucumber Juice. It was sweet, slightly bitter, apple-tasting, beetroot-tasting, carrot-tasting and cucumber-tasting all at once ._. But really good on the overall (: And that was $12.

Pan-Seared Salmon;
The green lining at the side actually forms a heart-shape on both sides ♥ and the salmon was grilled so well you can see the grill lines (: the sauce was awesome I even ate the skin of the fish without complaining O: And beneath it is asparagus and rice, a nice surprise which made up my staple of the day since I had not eaten the whole day except for two slices of bread and a packet of milo and a cup of $1 coke. Oh and it was brown rice baked in vegetable sauce so I really enjoyed it! :D

Next time when people come my house I'll have one more place to bring them to dine alr since I realised on the car ride home we were within walking distance ^____^