Class CIP

Finally our class had a CIP. Our CIP Rep, just like the NE Rep, had been non-existent for a whole year and suddenly they resurface. And I think Kim Siang has been working very hard for this CIP to happen because he tried out many things but they were all unsuccessful, and today, there was more than half the class present O: And Sijia was not the latest O: Shocking revelations haha.

Our class' CIP was at Kitchen Garden in Pasir Ris Park. It's called Kitchen Garden because all the plants they grow there are edible. Kim Siang and Shu Lin were leading the way but they ended up bringing us round the place twice T____T

The guy in-charge of the activity today was called David. He asked us to pull out weeds and dig holes around the plants using HOEs. We were saying that in the pictures we can tag Hoe Shuen as the hoes since he didn't turn up today XP So while all of them were slogging away, I was walking around taking photos;

Then Sylvia asked me if I wanted a go at it so I swapped jobs with her;
It's actually not as tiring as it looks. It's just pain after squatting a long while and then because the knees are getting in the way of the hands it's pretty uncomfortable.

All the photos look glam because they were taken pretty early in the day, when all of us were not cui yet. The cui photos are in Sijia's film camera, so that one's got to wait for them to be developed to see how bad we looked >.< After a while we got tired, so thanks Kim Siang for bringing water for the class from home and then still going out to buy the cold 1.5L drinks :D

Today it was a pretty amazing sight to see how scared people are of bugs. And David had to scare them even more by telling them that it is documented that Pasir Ris Park has the most diverse insect population, even more than Botanic Gardens. There's at least 40 kinds of bees there O.O But I think having the most diverse insect population does not mean the biggest insect population so idk what they were being worried about. Sijia doesn't like ants but the place was full of it so although she got the cleanest and whitest valet gloves because she brought her own, it was still the whitest and cleanest at the end because she didn't touch the soil at all! Kim Siang was really funny because he was like in ultimate paranoia about the insects he wore full-length jeans, and kept jumping around. And people kept accidentally using the hoes to like cut snails and earthworms in half ): But I got a nice picture of the toad! :D

Then David brought us around the Garden to try the food. We plucked leaves and fruits to eat, and there was this plant that was a natural substitute for sugar. I only ate a small part of the leaf but it was already super sweet! >.< And David says it gives the same taste but without the side effects :D but it's banned from sale in America because then chemical substitute firms will shut down. How can the government think more about their sunset firms over the health of the people? Don't they know a healthy population can increase AS? Okay too much econs.

Then there was also the Wild Strawberries which were super small and super cute;
They help whiten the teeth and are great for skincare etc etc etc. Especially good since everything at the Garden is organic. But I didn't try the strawberries because they were so sparse I would feel bad if I ate it.

Then Sijia discovered a super clean and pretty toilet in Pasir Ris Park! We got changed there and I had hair issues for a little while before we walked back to White Sands.