Duchess Dinner at Lunch

See I'm so influential I can even have a  dinner  lunch named after me :D

Went out with Nobelle, SK, Ade and Deryk for lunch at Dempsey Hill this afternoon! :D (names are arranged by order of arrival haha) Nobelle and SK were quite lost, they took the train past Orchard and then took the same train forwards again. I guess Seok was really too tired from yesterday she slept right up to our meeting time. Poor girl. Poor Deryk too. I totally could tell he was about to fall asleep when sitting and listening to us talk /:

Nobelle came and left immediately. And she didn't get to come back so it was pretty sad for her. Even worse, she was the one to intro us where to eat! >.<

So here's what we ate in order of arrival;
Ade had good scrambled eggs which I ate almost a quarter of, because I couldn't eat my risotto.

Deryk and SK had a plate of prawn linguine which they requested to be split in two portions. There was a really nice aroma of prawns when I tried one strand :D

My risotto which I didn't finish because it had a really strong taste of cheese which I didn't like. The taste could have been softer.

Then after that we visited the toilet to camwhore XP

The pretty sink;

The cute area in the toilet;
We had to set the timer quick and get it over and done with so that no one would catch us being bimbos in the toilet .___.

Then after we settled the bill we went out to camwhore even more ^___^ This one's the signboard of the restaurant we went to;

Then moving on, we went to Ben & Jerry's for ice-cream where Jiawei and Aaron met us (:

I originally had a plan to make a bracelet for Seok because I remember she asked for one when we went to make the coloured sand bottles, but in the end she couldn't make it so I made the bracelet for Ade instead;

And Nobelle lost her dove one on the train somewhere ): but no worries girl, you'll get a new one soon so long as I can remember to get it done (:

Then the girls cabbed down the Hill while the guys walked.

Anw I was listening to Deryk and Ade complain about their army personnel this year and then I found out Adam is only a nice guy to me because he treats me like the princess too O.O Really meh? I thought he was nice to everyone especially 苹果姐, isn't it? But anw me and SK now have a plan to go watch the show and disturb all those army guys hehehe. Though we need some tickets first *hint hint*