Grandma's Birthday

The photo's kind of elongated because it came from my cousin's phone.

Sunday night we went to Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant for dinner with my cousins to celebrate my grandma's birthday which was yesterday! :D the place is quite known for its authentic Peking dishes. The set-up was also pretty grand. Except that the view of the revolving restaurant was not all that great, the only two nice things to see were Vivocity and Sentosa, which I have already been to twice in the last two weeks ._.

The food was good, but I wouldn't call it great. I liked the egg + scallop + crab dish, but I can't really remember its long long long name which hardly has anything to do with 鸡蛋 or 干贝 or 蟹肉. I'm going to try to replicate it soon ~ I think I'm like forever trying to remake nice dishes at home just so that I don't miss it / pay so much to eat it again. The entire 8-course meal cost about $100+ per person, although I thought that it was maybe only worth $80+ /: I have since successfully replicated some egg with tomato thingy and steamed tofu. Although it is still a little off, but I think the general idea is there, just need to change a little of the seasoning and cooking times and it should be the same alr! :D

The restaurant translated 三不沾 as {three not sticky}. Like I totally know what that means ._. Their famous Peking Duck didn't turn out as good as I thought was described on reviews, but I guess it's already not bad for a Singapore standard. Oh and the lobster sashimi. When it was delivered the lobster's head and tentacles were still moving O: at least the meat wasn't so I could just put it in my mouth in peace.