Senior High Learning Festival Day 1

Today is the 4th of July, the day of America's Independence. But that has nothing to do with me anw. 4th of July to me is the day after the CTs, when I should have been enjoying myself lazing the day away but instead dragged myself out of bed to go to school to attend SHLF and then was still late in the end despite running all the way to school from backgate bus stop.

I was in-charge of attendance today and shall still be the in-charge tmr. I actually wanted to pass on my duties to Mervyn and leave, but after the encounter with Mdm Leong halfway through self-awareness I felt so guilty I couldn't bring myself to leave. Only 12 people turned up, and by the end of the day there was only half the number left ._.

The opening address was painful cos I was still in my sleepy mode, but the Sports Carn briefing was fine, although seriously SCs, do we need such drama just to announce the delayed arrival of the house tees? Then self-awareness that was this woman who was super unprepared. It felt like she was reading off a script prepared by someone else and she looked at it for the first time today. Then for the activity we were doodling on our presentation chart and talked nonsense cos we really couldn't understand the lady and her warped briefing.

After lunch we had some scare about the return of the GP papers, but it was actually the briefing for the Grad Book -.- then some Personal Statement talk. I know they were being concerned for us, but I really wasn't in the mood for it. Then cyber wellness was better. Cos we had a fun group and fun activity too (: fun instructor as well ^_^ and she had these cool portable + rollable + foldable whiteboards to play with. And me, Lixin and Grace were pretty honest about our opinions which even Mdm Leong saw >.< though it wasn't anything bad but it wasn't too politically correct haha. So it was a nice end to the day.

But then there were quite a few things that upset me today, though I shall not dwell on it and just go sleep it all off now.

Yesterday I went shopping alone, it was pretty fun because I did not need to listen to anybody's opinions and just buy whatever tickled my fancy (: photos of my steals from yesterday are on Instagram. I somehow became less enthusiastic about uploading photos after I got an Instagram account x:

And I'm currently starting a new series of something I'll slowly update my Instagram every time I'm done with one of it or even during the making process, as like the first one, so it most probably won't be here either, though I hope I won't be lazy enough and maybe still upload the pictures of the final products /:

Hopefully tmr will be better (: