Senior High Learning Festival Day 2

I guess it wasn't half as bad today as yesterday because there were more people, and also because it was much better too.

The day started off with Interview Skills. The LT was super cold but I did not put on my jacket because of the colour. Teachers somehow have the tendency to pick me because I usually stand out very brightly due to my pretty pink jacket ._. Anw Interview Skills was more self-awareness than the Self-Awareness Programme. But Kaiwen said her Self-Awareness lesson yesterday was extremely insightful, the guy really knew his stuff so I guess different trainers do make a difference.

Then the other big thing was Relationship Talk. Yesterday, me and Wu Ai were talking about the sex-ed through the years. It started off as physical education, then moved on to abstinence, safe sex, marriage and this year the form said abusive relationships. So we concluded that last time, they think we were innocent enough to not know the biological differences between girls and guys. Then after we learnt that they needed to tell us no sex. Then anw since we were going to do it, do it safely. But since we also were not going to do it safely, please choose the right guy so you can get married to a good one. But in case he's bad, now they shall teach us how to stop the relationship. So we went in with the {why do I have to do this T___T } mindset and we directly asked Tracy the trainer if she could let us off early. And we even asked if this was one of those boring talks again. But all these preconceived notions were not long-lasting because the trainers entertained us alot, kept making us laugh and all that. It was pretty enjoyable although extremely tiring for my eyes and mind.

I think our school is pretty nice to us, like there are alot of things that I see that we are much better off than other schools alr, but the ungrateful lot of us just love to complain. Maybe it's a school culture or whatnot, or maybe because they just don't see it. But as long as I know, I think that it is good enough to be smiling inside (: