Sheng Xiong's 21st Birthday Party

Yesterday my cousin, Sheng Xiong, celebrated his 21st birthday. It's about two weeks early, but it can't be helped because his birthday week will be my grandparent's 50th anniversary celebration. The theme for yesterday was supposed to be afro, but in fact, no one was really dressed up for the theme ._. Everyone was casual, it wasn't even smart casual. The decorations at my aunt's house were pretty interesting though.

The entrance;
Everyone who walks through the door gets stopped to take a photo with the birthday boy and the zebra poster and some weird stuff like the wig and the placards;
And then the photos would be printed immediately and I would help to cut some of them. After the photos, there are pens and cards on the table to leave a birthday message. Which most people just zoom past and forget to see the sign which read {Leave a birthday message} /:

I was pretty bored so I sat at the so-called reception desk and started to play with photobooth taking photos of myself with the placards, and some of the pictures included my cousin, but the photos are in my cousin's mac, so yup ):

I didn't really eat alot because the pineapple rice was spicy. And I usually eat more rice than any dish so it was a small dinner. But I had two bowls of shark fin soup though (:

The cake was real pretty, a two-tiered rainbow cake with the number candles propped up in the middle. And 哥 got smashed by his friends ha!

Last night's atmosphere was really fun, but I was still really bored because there wasn't much for me to do and I didn't know most of the people there either. So I just spent my evening sitting at the entrance reading a book. From time to time I looked up at the surroundings and ate food. Until we finally went home.

Photos on this post were from my phone, the main photographer for last night was my cousin and her DSLR. Those photos should be up on facebook by tonight I guess?