Sports Carn 2012

Somehow Laura appeared in both my posts about Sports Carn, this year and last year, as the cover picture with her doing some sport. Last year was volleyball, and this year is tchoukball. Be honoured :D

This year's Sports Carn was relatively more fulfilling than last year's, and Wu Ai was extremely pleased with the Junior SCs because they did not drag overtime. And that came at the expense of our mass games. Although I really don't mind, because I was not planning to get sweaty anyway.

I think the school is really nice to be willing to book us a beach at Sentosa for a day of fun and games and buy lunch and water and sunblock for us etc. Although there were still random people walking around Tanjong Beach, but I guess that can't be helped.

I did not join any competitive sports this year, after my bad experience with last year's water relay and water polo. So I did not join the water sports this year anymore, but water sports are the only thing I can do, so in the end I went around with Wu Ai playing fringe games;

The first game we tried was the one where we had to use chopsticks to transfer cans from one table to another, only that it had to be a two-player game, because we each hold on to one chopstick. We were pretty good at it! ^____^

The next game was the vibrating one, and through drawing lots we got ankle and neck. So our whole body was vibrating for one minute and I kind of got a little giddy half-way ._.

Then we totally fail at rolling the balls into the demarcated areas, so we moved on ~

We also totally fail at the slipper-kicking game, and we got zero in. Look at the empty boxes and all the slippers surrounding it which missed the box >.< After that we still got one stamp because we told the SC to pity us XP

Last game was shooting the rubber ducky which both sides completely missed so I guess it ended with a draw.

We had accumulated 20 stamps with the help of Gavin and Mervyn, and so we decided to dunk Glen, our house captain, because Wu Ai thought he was too cui as a house capt when he ran around the beach screaming {Where's my shield?} during the prelude. He 不够架势, so we had to get back at him by dunking him. And since we were the first people to get enough points to dunk a house capt, they allowed us to throw the balls as many times as we needed to dunk him \(^_^)/ Wu Ai must have been really angry because even though she was not wearing spectacles or contact lenses, she could aim so well he fell in;

Notice me and Wu Ai's hats? We were being extremely bimbotic today. We decided to wear huge hats, and bring food and a picnic mat. But apparently we were not the most extreme case. Miss Lim had a bigger sun hat than I did, and someone even brought along a tent with hammocks and set it up by the beach O.O Other than that, me and Wu Ai brought soap, shampoo, facial foam, and lots of 护肤品 which we were applying in the toilet for a long time after our bath. I really like the design of the shower rooms in Sentosa. It is really designed for convenience and is kept really clean.

After lunch and bathing and picnicing for a little while we had nothing to do, so we decided to take the tram out into Sentosa and have fun. Apparently other people were going along too ~

There was not really much that happened while we were out because we just went on a short stroll. As short as about 35mins maybe? But Chenqi loved the Singapore Girls costume, and was pretty obsessed everytime she walked past it. I loved the airmail-designed tank top, but I did not buy it anw.

After Sports Carn ended I brought Wu Ai to RWS and she was really stunned by the awesomeness of the place, while I was stunned at her poor knowledge of the place, despite the fact that she had already been to USS! O: We stayed at Candylicious for a pretty long time taking photos;

Dinner was Mos Burger;

Then we went to the rooftop to watch fireworks and all the other Y6 Drakon classes were there waiting for the fireworks too! :D It's like our Drakon hangout spot since last year's Orientation, to last year's Sports Carn, and this year's Orientation and even this year's Sports Carn! Except that the Y5s were missing. We kind of gathered that instead of wanting to HTHT and catch up with their classmates after the holidays, they would prefer to go home to study. So then the secret of this place would no longer be passed down to them ): But anyhow, we still took a Drakon Y6s photo, and as me, Sylvia and Sijia came back from the toilet, it was pretty heartwarming to see a sea of blue ♥