Trust me, I'll be fine.

I have been sleep-deprived for two weeks alr, and I'm desperately looking forwards to next week, which has three days holiday (assuming I decide not to go to school on Wednesday). But that will be one of those days that everyone will decide to pon, so it's pretty unwise to do so on a day that I'll surely get caught. Another reason why next week will be a blast, because I will be attending a Swiss Embassy dinner to celebrate the Switzerland National Day, then going to NDP on 9th August (I have not yet been to the Float this year), and finally Friday's my grandparents' golden jubilee :D And of course, in exchange for a three day break I'll have to study even more >.<

Currently I have a new favourite app apart from Instagram. I'm not going to announce the name of the app cos I would prefer to keep it private and exclusive. Though I know a lot of people are using the app alr and I'm just being dumb. But those who want to know what it is still can ask me in private. Like text me / PM me / email me / whatever floats your boat. Anw it's this photo-editing app and I'm getting pretty good at it (: actually I have had the app for a long time alr, just that I have not yet tried it out until last night when I was getting bored of studying. So I found the app on my phone and then looked for something to take a photo of, which happened to be the foolscap paper sitting right in front of me;
This was how it looked originally.

Then I started editing and after 10mins, this was what happened;
Not bad huh :D I really like this app cos it is über cute :3 especially the bunny and the bear ♥ and also it is a perfect fit for the Instagram camera, so I don't have to worry about where I place the stickers and whether or not they will be gone when I transfer the pictures from one app to another (:

I showed the app to Wu Ai in school and then she wanted to try it out so she took a photo of Justin Sim during lecture, and edited it until it became this;
You do realise that Sim is black right? Wu Ai has already whitened him, the brightness was set so high that the people in the background have turned excessively white, but Sim is still black ._.

And this one was one I did for Yan Ting during lunch because I had finished my food and was waiting for them to be done;
original + edited