8 Aug is ASEAN Day, but how many schools actually celebrate that. I was in school today for National Day Celebration in view of National Day tmr. I have no idea why this morning I was so zi-high, maybe due to my lack of sleep, although the high factor almost fully died out by the start of the concert ._.

This morning's assembly and march past was pretty surprising. Based on the fact that many people in 41 came. For example Yu-Zhen, Pearl and Jiamin. They are the ones I categorise as the ones who will most likely pon. Including the runners and the sports leaders, I guess our class had about 18 people O: and Christine super 衰. She missed school, but Miss Soh asked her to take attendance and no one in her class replied her hahaha.

Before the concert begin I was still quite high, so I put on a flag tattoo and started waving the flag and singing national day songs even when there was no music. I remember last year at the Float I was teaching P5 kids how to put on tattoo. And at that time I really thought they no childhood. How can they not know! >.< Today I found out Kim Siang had no childhood too. I had to teach him how to use a sticker tattoo ._. And Wilson went crazy. Ripped this off his Instagram;

But when Miss Fang came out to talk for sooo long right at the start of the programme I just died. She talked so long but after her talk I still didn't get her dream. And sing-along was pathetic.

I remember when I was in primary school National Day Parties were more fun than listening to teachers talk about their life stories. We would play games and sing songs (lots and lots of them, not just three songs). And the songs were inclusive. Not just 7 people on stage singing. I MISS CORAL ): oh and I remember we used to get customised gifts from the school. Like one year was a shoe bag if I don't remember wrong. And the stuff would print {Coral Primary School (Year) National Day} on it. Today, we had to return the flags after we played with them >.<

Then after the concert there was a dead log lying on the ground. Kim Siang was fast asleep on the floor he didn't even wake up when me and Zhi Yi kicked him O.O then me and Sam left. I went to find Wu Ai at the NLB because she woke up at 9am ._. well, and of course also because I didn't want to run 2.0km x: by the time I got to NLB, the run had not yet even ended. Ain't school National Day such a waste of time.

I'm a little lazy and sleepy now so I shall skip to the happy thing of the day which was Serangoon with 苹果姐 and Adeline and Deryk at 9pm. They finished desserts at Chomp Chomp alr by the time I got there ): but it's okay! So nice to see all of them again ^__^ and we'll be seeing each other again tmr! :D and also I bought a set of star and moon earrings for tmr and a pretty hair clip (: the lady gave me a $5 discount so it was $31 in the end. But I kind of felt bad cos I was disturbing when they were about to close alr. But still, I'll be happy as long as there is discount. No wonder my daddy calls me the most cheapskate person >.<

Oh wait I suddenly got a new happiest moment of the day :D sleep now haha.