Current Thoughts.

1. The new layout of Instagram is sooo bad I no longer feel addicted to it. Please do not upgrade Instagram if you have not.

2. I AM GOING TO FAIL A LEVELS. There goes my Law in Warwick dream ): Please offer me something else I can study, something that will gladly accept someone who's grades are UUUUU.

3. Can they please start the study break now? Going to school seems practically useless. Everyday I go do unproductive things when I could be studying. Even worse, I have to spend time preparing for the unproductive things -.-

4. I want to hate someone openly but I can't. That's just painful. And worse, sometimes I think that person does things which are nice. Then I forget about me hating that person for a while, but then the dislike comes back too soon. Can you please just choose if you want to be nice or not? Being nice sometimes and sometimes not makes it very hard for me to decide! >.<

5. I feel like eating eclairs. *hint hint nobelle*

6. I am looking forward to after As more than looking forward to As.

7. SOMEONE PLEASE MOTIVATE ME TO STUDY. I need a boyfriend who will study with me everyday because there ain't anyone else to do so currently.

8. I just had fish head steamboat for dinner. But I'm currently hungry again ._. But I don't want to go downstairs to get food because my mommy is trying to make me eat the bird nest she cooked. Not that it tastes bad, I just have no wish to eat bird nest today.