Embrace Randomness

I have decided to write a blog post so as to stop myself from binge eating. Since I got home, I have had 5 packets of preserved seaweed, one cup of yogurt, half a box of egg rolls, a cup of aloe juice. All in less than an hour. And I kept on closing the box of the egg rolls, and then opening it again to get the 'last one'. Seriously, I need to learn some self-control.

When my clique celebrated my sweet 16, they gave me a book called {Kellie's Big Book of ABCs}. In it, R was for random. I actually don't think I am random lor. Just that my brain makes little connections between things which they do not see so they always say I say things that have no link. But they all actually do link up! Why else would I even say it ._.

But I think they are pretty used to it alr, like we have our own communication style. If human beans thrive from talking to each other, then clique thrives on talking incomprehensible stuff to each other. Oh btw, I really like the term human beans. Because I think beans are cute. They are all cuddled up into a ball and small. And if I were a bean, a cute bean + a cute me will make ultimate cute :3 Anw, back to my point about incomprehensible language. Like me and Amanda will 鸡同鸭讲 and interpret every sentence in our own way even if it was meant to be something else, but we still talk even though it gets confusing sometimes. The most confusing part to most people, is sometimes how we do not get confused by each other haha. And Christine too. Sometimes due to the lack of words we just nod our head and say {ya}, with the extended vowel at the back. But I'll get it, and she'll get it too. And me and hj never say hi. We just {eh} at each other all the time. And just laugh at jm haha.

Last night, I was watching the closing of the London Olympics. And today Mr Cave was talking about him having no issues with the Queen, especially one that jumps off the helicopter. But I still think Beijing Olympics is better. The Beijing Olympics concerts were very grand and majestic, and they did not have a royal family to do that. Even though the Brits had a royal family, it was more like a combined rock concert, I could have paid for a ticket to watch that anytime. I liked the stage setting for the opening ceremony though. The one with the grassy plains. Looks so romantic and soothing (: I think the London Olympics Concert Committee could have used more of their historical elements in the show, like how Beijing did it. Maybe they could have included the states which they colonised etc etc etc.

After that I saw a little bit of the new 西游记 broadcasting on Channel 8. That show is a little too fake, no? With all the photoshop elements and cartoon drawings. I remember last time when technology was not yet so advanced, shows which wanted to portray scenes in the skies would used dried ice or something that at least made it look real when framed into a shot. But now, they think their art is so good, it actually looks more fake than ever. Can they please try to use more real stuff as substitutes rather than draw and colour their way through?

Last night I also kind of decided that me and Sijia are living in different time zones. Like when she is asleep, I'm awake, and when I'm awake she's asleep. This largely owes to our erratic sleeping schedules. Like I prefer to sleep early on school days, though I can stay up til 3am and sleep in til 3pm, but Sijia prefers to sleep first before she wakes up to do work through the night. So when we text, it has to be during the period when we are both awake. Just like how when I want to talk to a friend half the globe over, we have to wait for that special time of the day when we are both awake.

Last thing, Mr Cave was commenting about him not understanding what is 'western food', because in Europe, dishes are classified by where they come from, and the cuisine culture is very diverse. Of course, as an avid traveller, I have to agree with the fact that western food does not exist in a category of its own. And western food, as it is termed in Singapore, can mean pasta from Italy all the way to chicken chop from America. Amazing huh. But then I wanted to say what does Chinese food mean in the West then? To go to a Chinese restaurant to eat, does that mean 北方菜 or 南方菜 or 四川麻辣火锅? China is so huge, their cuisine culture is equally diverse, is it not just as important to make a distinction? But now I think Italians are such warm, family-people awww :D