Grandparents' Golden Jubilee

Friday night my family celebrated my grandparents' 金婚 at 品食 at the Yishun SAFRA in the private room. And right outside at the general eating area, another couple booked the restaurant for their solemnisation ceremony ♥ I think that day the restaurant earned enough just from our two families booking the entire place.

That day I invited Wenjing to come along as well, since I had not met her in a long time;
Okay I know this picture looks awkward for the very simple reason that we should be standing together under the banner. But yea, at the side were two mega huge balloons with the numbers 5 and 0;
This was meant to be 50. But my cousin is 20 this year, so she flipped the balloons over. And then I suddenly realised how the balloon company makes money. Because they only need to produce one set of #5 and then flip it around and it can be #2 as well! O:


Then my mommy bought roses for my 阿公 to give to 阿嬤;
The only reason my mom had to do that is because 阿公 has never given 阿嬤 roses. But I think it's just not part of their generation's culture to do that.

Anw, it is on this kind of occasions that I remember how blessed I am to have all four grandparents alive, and how much they have done for me through the years and how I should cherish them more, instead of taking things for granted.

Really. How many people are as lucky as me. I have met my great-grandmother, and attended her funeral when I was five, and I have grandparents who cook for me and worry for me. I know my grandma loves to call me when I go overseas without family. She calls maybe once every couple of days, and when I was in America, she called me during the daytime, which was actually almost 1am or 2am back in Singapore. She sacrificed her sleep just so that she doesn't disturb mine.

When I was younger, I would go stay with my grandparents everytime my mom and dad go on their next honeymoon. They love to leave us behind and go holidaying. Now I just stay at home, but when we were younger our grandparents would bring us to their house to stay just so that they can make sure we are safe within their area of sight. Every morning, they would bring us to eat Macs, because that was what they perceived as part of our lifestyle. But truth to be told, my normal breakfast is just a slice of bread and a cup of milk, so I was happy to eat Macs for breakfast everyday haha.

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