Happy National Day Switzerland!

Today, 4th of August 2012, is the 721st national day of Switzerland. Imagine how old that is. Even China, with all its 5000 years of history, ain't as old as that.

Daddy and mommy were invited by the Swiss Embassy to celebrate the Swiss National Day alongside the Swiss in Singapore. And it was a family event, so me and my sisters had to go along too.

Over at the Swiss Club, which is next to the Swiss School in Singapore and the Swiss Embassy, was the ultimate glam poolside buffet dinner under the stars (: with all the Swiss food provided by Swissôtel and Swissbake Singapore. We got a seat at an area designated for the VIP Guests of the Swiss Embassy. And all those Swiss were dressed either in their traditional costume from the mountains or wearing red and white like the Swiss flag. It kind of reminded me of the way we wear red and white on National Day too, because it's the colours of our flag too. But of course, they were caucasians with pretty accents speaking a little bit of German, a little bit of French and alot of Swiss.

We listened to the Swiss national anthem (of course the Swiss were singing), and then there was a Swiss Speaker of Parliament on visit to Singapore who gave a speech, and the Swiss Ambassador said his goodbyes before he moved on to Korea. Tonight is his last night as Ambassador to Singapore after four years and this was also sort of a farewell party for him. He received a song written specially for him, played by a Swiss band which came to Singapore to play at this event.

The identification wristbands were pretty cool, instead of using those cheapskate sticker kind which always end up sticking onto the arm, the arm band had a little button and multiple holes. A very good design, in my opinion. And there were goodie bags too! With an entire packet of Swiss chocolate inside 8) while the emcee was reading through the list of sponsors for the event, I kind of notice they were all Swiss companies based in Singapore ._. But yea, who else will sponsor.

THE FOOD WAS AWESOME. The entire spread was Swiss, and they had such a wide choice of food, I spent the entire evening eating, but still could not eat everything O: but I enjoyed the desserts alot :D there was some cake carved into the shape of Mt Jungfrau. And apple-peach strudel and mousse and pretty bread with a drawing. Food included piping hot barbecued cheese on potatoes, smoked salmon, barley soup etc. All the food I remember of Switzerland. But we had to pay for our soft drinks, which coke was $4.50 a can O.O but it's okay because at those kind of events, it is a must to be generous enough with money.

Anw, no photos because there were many distinguished guests around, so I could not possibly be taking photos of everything as if I lived under a rock or something.