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Apparently I've been living in some sort of delusion for about a year alr. I didn't know that Teachers' Day had been changed from 1 Sept to every first Friday of Sept. Which means Teachers' Day is actually next Friday during the Sept Study Break. Since last year, it has no longer been called Sept Holidays anymore ): but it's okay! My eight months break is coming soon ~ :D

The celebration this year was amazing. Not only because the concert was great, but I was amazed at how many people from 6C41 who turned up as well haha. Well, 6C42 had four people, so I guess our class was awesome with over 10 people! :D

It rained this morning, so we were all squeezed into the hall for morning assembly. Thank god for being Y6. We had the gallery to ourselves, so we got to sit down. Unlike the poor juniors who were standing all the time until they were told to be seated. Also, there was no seating arrangement upstairs so we did not have to worry about being in our classes or what not. Just find a spot and sit down.

After morning assembly there was 武术 performance, then the entry of the teachers, then chinese dance. Idk why the 武术 performance came before the teachers entered because they can't watch it anw /: And Mr Tan Tui Gee was like bumping into the performers when taking pictures of the dancers we were all giggling about it from upstairs x:

Then we moved to the PAC. The concert was very good this year, although the emcees were super good at telling cold jokes -.- Like baboon and elephant sounds. Seriously, WHAT?!

I liked the 5C34 song performance because of the way they made use of the basketballs. It was good coordination and very creative! Though I didn't really get the part about passing the balls around haha.

Cross-talk was just awkward and it ended in an awkward fashion too. They could have done something to honour the teachers instead of that bullying thingy.

The game segment of teachers vs students was fun too! Especially Charades. The teachers act until super funny. And Miss Chen is super good at guessing! But the second game was quite fail. Quite a mess I think, although the idea for the game was quite good. They could have tried a dry run among themselves first.

The EDS dancers were really graceful and I like their costume! especially the skirt. So pretty! :3 I want one too >.< HOW COME PEOPLE ALWAYS SEEM TO BE WEARING PRETTY CLOTHES THAT I CAN NEVER FIND?! D:

The most funny one was OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! The dance was so fun especially with the teachers in the front row! And Mr Fazly still wear that old school blazer which was just like the MV and really suited the meaning of the song haha. Oh and Mr Fazly can dance O.O AND AND AND MISS FANG CHYE PIN WAS DANCING TOO HAHAHA OMG. But I have to agree it was not bad la. In fact, Sarah calls it the most worth it part of the show.

Song items were just as usual. But there was much altering of the lyrics to suit the occasion. Some of which were pretty thoughtful. Others were funny. Like the C and sea one.

Then after that me and Sijia went to give out our gifts;
Chio right! We made them in like 2.5hours yesterday morning. Sijia pasted the stickers while I tied the ribbons. The most part we were writing the message. The stickers and ribbon were so much easier to do.

This was my only successful and pretty double ribbon. I wanted to do a six ribbon but it ended up too difficult to control so I gave up.

This one looks just like a Christmas gift! So amazed at my own gift-wrapping skills x)

Then Christine forgot about my existence so she left without me. I feel so insignificant )': but it's okay now since she apologised and she got a bad deal for lunch XP So I went out for lunch by myself and tried a new stall. Idk if it's newly opened but I have not eaten there before so I tried it. But apparently it's not very new since Christine alr ate it.

My meal at Potato Depot! The soup, salad and ham was great, but the potato itself was just normal. And to think they sell nothing else but potatoes with the meal.

Then I went to dessert.cup;

So pretty right! I think I've never been to dessert.cup with anyone else except Amanda. It has nice drinks over there. I remember there was one drink we both liked alot but there is also one other drink that was an anomaly. That one tasted like chlorinated water ._. I can't recall what its name is now.

Anw I bought a cake for my sister's birthday which is today. Then I went home.