Is there some couple fever going around? I know 5 friends who got attached within the past month alr.
That's one who got a better half every six days. If there's some love bug why am I not bitten yet? D: I need to start doing some soul-searching.

Trust me, I'm not as desperate as I sound. Because I'm so used to being alone and crying out loud for a boyfriend alr. And no matter how sad / jealous I am, I am still always happy that someone I know has found the meaning in their lives ♥

So to all of you lovebirds, including the one who tells me she is going to get a boyfriend in December as if she was changing a phone, congrats and here's to a long-lasting relationship! :D (also includes those who did not tell me directly but was pretty obvious on fb)

Drew this for you guys, and just a side note, the hearts are pop-up stickers! 8) sorry it's pretty sketchy, I did it in 3mins just before bedtime last night. Might do a better one if I find time to do so.

If you see this and you know it's you, drop me a message ya? Leave a note in the chatbox / text me / pm me / write on my wall etc, whatever floats your boat (: Hopefully I don't end up getting six messages and become even more depressed hahaha.

Last thing, after I reread this, I suddenly realised that my love vocab is pretty expansive ._.