Mid-Autumn 2012

It was just 七夕yesterday, and today is 中秋?! O: as part of the celebration of the end of 母语双周, the juniors decided to celebrate 中秋 early. How I wish all the past year 中秋s were like this one. Well done juniors! :D

The celebration was held in the basketball court this year, and it was sort of a fun fair kind of thing. Really quite fun. Me and Kaiwen went to buy lots of good food;
叮叮糖、麦芽糖、麻芝、龙须糖、糖葱饼 :D

Awesome jelly 月饼! With 莲蓉 and 豆沙;

Oh and not forgetting the cute tiny mooncake made into shapes of 象棋 :3

The games were pretty good too. We raced each other spinning around and carrying lanterns filled with water in our dizzy state ._. AND I WON :D

Then Kaiwen played the 后羿射太阳 game with rubberbands;

1. 杂技. Included 水晶球 and 转盘 and even a world class 扯铃 performance! Some 世界顶级 award one leh! Super cool ~ and they really do have some skill, especially throwing and catching the dumbbell-like thingy. I have never seen it gone that high ever O: And that guy quite humorous too.

2. Dr Foo and Desirae sing 月亮代表我的心. Then we were like omg AWKWARD. 情歌对唱 with 校长 ._.

3. Two songs the juniors wrote. Lyrics and tune not bad, but one of them not very good at singing.

4. Mr Marc Lim, Miss Elizabeth Teo and some guy teacher performed 但愿人长久. Miss Teo on the 古筝 and the guy teacher on 二胡. And Mr Lim's voice not bad.

5. The 压轴好戏! Me and Kaiwen wanted to know who was the 神秘嘉宾 so that we would know whether to leave or not, so we actually went to ask the 神秘嘉宾 who is the 神秘嘉宾! Omg what insolence >.< it's 王燕春老师! Her voice is super awesome! Hidden talents in our school O.O she can go really high and can hold her breadth for a long time! :D

The length of the concert was just right, not draggy, but not too short either, and they performed all the song items which were really 中秋-ish.

Great night :D and there were more Y6s then I expected. Points to the fact that we are the most playful and unstudious batch huh.