NDP 2012 Actual Parade

LEE KUAN YEW IS ALIVE :D :D :D when he took that step into the view of the camera, that was my most touching moment of yesterday (': and the whole world cheered ^________^ Singapore would just 垮掉 without him, and I don't wish to see it during my lifetime, although it may be inevitable someday.

My purpose of the going to the NDP yesterday was varied. I went to see if LKY was alive, I went to see the ushers, I went to watch the NDP at The Float properly for the very first time. The last time I actually sat down through the whole show was in 2005, when I was a student at the NE Show. But that was at the Padang, and back then, there were no ALPs.

The Parade this year was really colourful, although good, I do not think it was better than last year's. And most people did not think so too. The choir was only on stage for like the first half-an-hour, and I think it was only 5 songs. And there were only two schools. What happened to the combined choir? Why has it become so pathetic? ): But the stage design was good;
The screen was in the shape of the Singapore Island, the first ever non-square screen, and the two stage doors, when it is put onto the screen, becomes a heart-shape, in-line with the theme, {Loving Singapore, Our Home} ♥


The Funpack this year was pretty good too. There was some Singapore scarf, which I think is an awesome thing for every Singaporean to own one, just like how most sports team sell their scarfs, Team Singapore has their own scarf for supporters too! :D
Me and SK after the show! SK went alone because he had only one ticket >.< Ohohoh! Notice me in red and white? I bought a pair of moon and star earrings just to wear during the show on Wednesday too! :D

The Funpack also had this I ♥ SG torch, which was very pretty when all lit up at once (: The clappers this year had LED lights in them, so they would glow when hit together. Very pretty :3 And also a Team Singapore bandana. I think they finally have some creativity in Funpacks :D

I started off my day petrolling with Ade;
I met her at Marina Square and we walked all the way to Raffles Place T____T I should have taken the train and meet her there instead. EC is just insanely huge. I don't think I'll ever be up to doing EC if I have to walk from City Hall to Raffles Place to Bayfront up and down 9 or 10 times throughout the day just doing visiting.

Then at Raffles Place we met Seok and SK;

Then we started on our walk to the Float together with my cousins. At the Float, me and SK went around visiting people and taking photos with the people we recognised (mainly the leaders, SOICs and logs team). Totally 知法犯法. How can the two of us not know the rules right. Even worse, when we were taking the picture above at the train station, some public come to say us. And when we were taking a photo with Deryk, we got caught by the official Heartware cameraman who took a picture of us taking a picture >.<

Then we took a photo with Wai Lreng (SOIC);
And our cameraman was the other SOIC, Ce Shun! I seriously think I'm going to get caught for taking pictures with people on duty LOL.

Other rule-breaking stuff included us going into Concourse with Yong Liang, and taking polaroid with Jeffrey there. WHY WOULD HE BRING A POLAROID CAMERA INTO THE FLOAT! Beats me, but at least I got a polaroid shot! :D also, we went to drink iced water at the water point. And then we carried some water back up to the seating gallery for my cousins and grandma haha. It's real great to know people there, because they will always help heh. And also at night, Deryk's group had extra lightsticks so he gave me and my cousins some to play with! :D

I wanted to take photo with Jian Wei, Caroline and Lionel, but their Yellow was having some problems so in the end I didn't get to take pictures because their duty was more important. Oh Deryk said some public got upset about ushers raising their voice too loudly. HELLO. HOW DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO GET THEMSELVES HEARD. They are not talking to only one person in front of them, they need to move the whole crowd! GRRR >.< And Wei Yuan looked extremely tired. Not like his usual self /:

I didn't see Yao Xing even though I tried to look out on the big screen! And Nobelle could not make it, and I think she felt real bad about it because of many many things that happened through this week. Eventful Preview to Parade this year. And well, maybe eventful whole NDP.

The After-Parade this year was so cool!
I so jealous. Why they no do that for me ):

They had some birthday song and cake-cutting, and champagne and a thank you speech from the Chairman. And also a special extra-concert by performers for performers.

Last thing I want to comment on is the NDP Song;

I really don't understand why the title is {Love at First Light}. It has like totally no link to the rest of the song. But the tune is catchy and I especially like the chorus music and the lyrics, except the last line of course;
I love my city’s lively ways
Warm sunny days
Sights and sounds, special tastes that add up to this place
I love my friends my closest ties
Now I finally realise
When it feels this right
You know that it's love at first light
I think these words really describe the Singapore I know. Though I still would prefer the older songs. Please get Dick Lee to write National Day songs again.