School is so pointless I think we should all just die.

Just look at how many times I have left school early the past three weeks and it's understandable why I say lessons are pointless now. Especially time trials that I can't seem to find the time to study for. It's time trial yesterday, today, tmr and the day after. I don't study a topic each night because it just ain't possible.

Normally it's just me and Wu Ai during Wednesday assembly having our awesome lunch and Gavin sitting in the library during lecture series on Tuesdays. But recently it has gotten so bad. Like our class only had seven people in bio lecture today. I know because I attended.

Last time, when I wanted to go back early, I'd find an accomplice to play truant together, but now it is no longer {who else is leaving?} and {let's leave together}. It has since turned into {who else is going?} and {let's go together} just to prevent the awkwardness of appearing in the lesson alone.

And even Mr Loh knows he can't do anything about us. When he saw the empty lecture theatre today, all he said was {those who don't come better get an A}. And that was it. Lecture went on with half an empty room.

Just let me off please. I don't live very near to school. I can't afford the time travelling back and forth, which adds up to almost an-eighth of my day alr. And I need to sleep too. That's another one-third gone.

I really hope A-levels come and go soon, I'm so tired of all these studying too quick. My life has become so routine and mundane and meaningless alr.

Just a quick note. As I am typing this, it is econs lecture. Second day of school for the week, second day I left early. And to think I had just promised myself yesterday that I would not do this anymore for the rest of the year ._.