Television in Singapore

Thursday, Mr Tong said that because of our small domestic market, Singapore television is unable to garner enough sponsors and advertisers who are willing to risk buying a new show, and thus producers can only sell copied versions of Taiwanese or Korean drama and variety programmes. And this has a lot to do with how SBC became TCS and finally Mediacorp. I don't think I have the capacity to explain the entire process as Mr Tong did, because Mr Tong has the ability to speak with emotional resonance and sound logic which I don't. But I still want to say, given a choice, as a consumer, I will choose SBC or TCS over Mediacorp anytime, regardless of the state-control and propaganda that may be behind or in it. At the very least, government got money. Anw not as if Singapore TV doesn't contain any propaganda now that it is a private enterprise.

I remember a long time ago, Singapore was able to produce better shows. There was 哎哟哟老师 and PCK and Under One Roof and 梁婆婆 and other good stuff which no longer exists. Actually, do sitcoms still exist in Singapore? I can't think of any now. Or is it just cos I have given up on Singapore TV that's why idk anything about it? ._.

I believe in the intellectual capacity and creativity of our Singaporean producers. So one day, if I have the cash, I will pay for the production of an original piece. One that will showcase true Singapore talent. Maybe something like Fried Rice Paradise (: