Woodlands GRC National Day Community Dinner

I'm having some National Day fever or something. Saturday was the Swiss National Day, Sunday was the Woodlands GRC Dinner, Wednesday would be the school's National Day celebration, and Thursday would be the NDP! :D

So like all other years, Woodland's MP will host a dinner for the residents. And my grandparents who live there will be hyped up about attending this kind of community events such that my aunt, cousins and my family will go along as well. But I am usually there for the food because I really can't see why else I should be there. I'm not interested in seeing the MP anw.

Oh but I have got to admit, the MP and Khaw Boon Wan were very punctual. My parents were expecting the dinner to start late because the previous MP would be late, so by the time we arrived, we were later than the guests-of-honour and the first dish had already been served ._.

Throughout dinner there were performances. At first were dances put up by the CC groups and the schools within the area, then suddenly there was this drama thing about loan sharks etc. I don't understand why they would perform this kind of thing during a National Day celebration really. Then there was this weird thing with cosmic sounds and the presenter must have imagined himself to be some party member rallying for votes or something he kept sounding so commie-like it was funny. The worst thing, I could not get his message at all even though he repeated himself in three different languages O: some people need to learn some presentation skills.

Then there was this automated sparkler-candle thing for the finale which I found quite amusing. But I don't understand why it was shaped into a lotus. And neither do I understand why it was pink. But I think it must have been leftovers from last year because I remember it from last year haha.

Yups. Long day at school again >.<