Clique Staycation #1 Universal Studios Singapore

When I woke up this morning it felt so surreal, it actually felt like I was really leaving Singapore on a vacation because I did all those holiday stuff like waking up early to take a bath, carrying clothes along in a bag pack etc., all those things which would feel unnatural on a school day.

As usual, we were all late. Meeting time was 8.30am, but the earliest person to arrive was Jiamin at 8.40am. We met at Vivocity's Mcdonald's for breakfast. Jiamin's message about the change in time was so typically us desperately trying to get Amanda to be on time, but in the end Amanda didn't come at all ):

The instructions for attire was
1. No specs. Huijun failed because she does not wear contacts at all, so she had no choice but to wear specs anw.
2. Tied up hair. All of us came with hairtie in our bags, but not one tied up our hair until the games.
3. Cartoon tee-shirt. Jiamin wore a picture of bomberman. Christine had two lovebirds and a smiley moon. I wore a shirt which wrote "Mickey" on it, without graphics. Huijun was the worst. She wore a knitted top which did not even try to portray a cartoon, and while all of us wanted to wear a dark colour for the water ride, she wore white ._.
4. Shorts which are about PE length. We all ended up wearing denim shorts anw.
5. Shoes with socks. Jiamin was the only one that wore sandals, which we decided was the best choice after the Rapids because the rest of us had our socks and shoes soaked >.<

Then we travelled to USS by skytrain, and Huijun had to buy a ticket because her Ez-link card had too little money;
On the train still looking fresh! :D

Tickets were an issue because although we went early to get them, there was fine print which were missing on the poster;
They did not state that the {students} they were referring to were polytechnic students and university students only! WHAT IS THIS, DISCRIMINATION AGAINST JC KIDS? So then we went into a state of panic because our ticket price suddenly increased from $55 to $74. So I called my mommy to book tickets online using her Mastercard because there was discount. In the end it was $60 each, so it wasn't too bad. In any case, we got to go in :D

The first thing we did inside was to use the toilet. Then start rushing around sticking to Jiamin's plans which were by the seconds with no time allocated for pictures. But because it was an awesome sunny day without much people and tourists, we managed to complete the more important rides within the first two hours! :D Then we spent the rest of our time walking around the place.

Super tired now after a fun fun awesome day so I shall go sleep. The part of us really being inside the theme park will be for tmr. In the meantime, check out pictures on fb! ^_^