Clique ♥

This is one of those days I feel thankful for my awesomest clique ever cos we just made an exciting decision :D I don't think my life would have been so interesting without these amazing people.

I know sometimes we do weird things, things that other cliques may not do. Like go Swensens during teatime just to eat fries. We don't even bother to order drinks. And travel all the way to Ikea just to eat meatballs but end up treating all the furniture like our house and filming a really senseless video. Btw where is the CD now? Has it alr passed one round? And my birthday CD also.

Another wonderful thing about us being clique, is that we don't really clique because of a common something. We don't have a common idol, or common style or common thingy and we laugh at each other all the time because of the different things we do. But somehow, we just connect. And this connection has lasted six years and will continue to last. It's a really amazing feeling I think no one else understands.

Now I can't wait for Tuesday seriously. It will be our first ever outing with a concrete plan. All our plans are always to go out and eat, and everything else is always impromptu. {Everything else} happens to be shopping all the time ._. Some more we can have the whole place to ourselves on Tuesday because it is a weekday and primary and secondary school kids are having exams. Our Y5 juniors are having exams too :D except there will be tourists. But I think this isn't really a tourist season now so it'll be quite empty! :D

And this will also spruce up my boring life which the most interesting things most days now is food. Check out my Instagram for proof. Keep posting about food every other day =.=

We're graduating soon, but I don't think 6 years of clique will end just like that. It takes alot to have come this far, it'll take even more to destroy it.

i love clique (':