KISStixx Singapore

Kisstixx® just took lip locking to the next level. With over 12 deliciously compatible flavors, get ready to kiss boring goodbye. Each package contains two flavors, one for you and one for your partner. Simply lock lips to mix the flavors and experience a kiss you won’t soon forget.

Apparently KISStixx had the same humble beginnings as Hyconn, which happens to be one of the most profitable companies in the States now. They both started out as fishes in The Shark Tank. Therefore look out for KISStixx! I'm sure it is going to be as profitable as Hyconn (: But I don't really like the idea of The Shark Tank. The Sharks not only eat up the small fishes, they try to eat up the other Sharks too. The show's too cruel and too real.

Yesterday I was on the Sentosa Boardwalk as KISStixx made its first public appearance in the Singapore market, or so I thought. But then at about 10pm Alicia told me that she had seen it on sale at JCube the day before alr ._. Then the conversation spiralled into something about Bunny being a chimera haha. Wonder why I love the JCLP people so much huh. JW was going to visit me, but fate wasn't on our side, but still thanks for the thought! :D

So anw, KISStixx is this lipbalm that is a normal lipbalm usually, but when two people lip-lock, it gives off a chemical reaction to make kissing more fun! It comes in a pack of two, and I was told Fire and Ice was a hot-seller. As well as some strawberry thingy. I've got no boyfriend to try this out with so yea ._. Just have to listen to what others say. Bunny is hoping I give him a set though, so that he can experiment it with his gf. It's S$9.90 per pack (two flavours).

I also learnt that as a normal lipbalm, it has SPF15 which is good for the lips since sunblock can't be applied to the mouth. And it's made of only natural ingredients. And also unlike most lipsticks and lipgloss and lipbalms, this one stays on even after eating / drinking / washing the mouth.

Couples (you know who you are), please go check this out;
Win ALL 12 flavours of KISSTIXX (worth $59.40) when you participate in our "Kissing" Photo Contest!!! Submission starts today till 31 Aug 2012! Simply submit a kissing photo of yourself (let your imagination runs wild)... the top 3 photos with the highest votes will win a FREE SET of Kisstixx! Yes, all 12 flavours!!! Now... prepare to kiss boring goodbye! Check out for more details!
I ripped this off their fb so I have no idea who was so hyper and enthusiastic with all the exclamation marks.

For the rest of the people;
There is still a twitter address, but I'm not going to put it in since I got no twitter heh.