Neighbourly Issues

I shall pretend to be very nice about their stupidity in front of them, but I shall still talk behind their backs. GRRR >.< Okay, that's pretty mean ._. but I have issues telling people what is wrong with them in their face, especially mean people.

Assume what Nat says is 99.9% true, which is that people who live in my area are all rich. It could not be 100% true, because I'm like forever poor >.< so even if my neighbours were all rich people, they should still learn some manners because they never know when they might meet someone richer than themselves, no?

First problem. The neighbour who lives across the road owns three cars. He parks all his cars along the road and never once have I seen his car enter his house. I don't mind that. I mean, most people would like to imagine they have a big porch so putting a car there would be too crowded. But has he thought that he is depriving like about 6 families from parking their car outside and enjoying their porch?

Anw, he has this interesting way of parking his cars. He parks the same car in the same place and same orientation all the time. Even when two cars leave the house together, when they come back, they would be parked in the same organised manner in their respective slots O.O

So one day, his car left the house and my dad's friend drove my dad back and parked in 'his' lot. Just nice, he came back as well. Then he horned at my dad and his friend. Of course my dad's friend was pretty blur to what was happening but my dad could not be bothered because that was public space. Then the neighbour come to quarrel.

Remember recently there was a case about an employee staying in some house for free for about a decade alr, and when the guy died and his grandson inherited the house, the grandson wanted to collect rent from the employee. Then the employee took the grandson to court and the court ruled that the grandson could do whatever he wanted because he has the title deed. Singapore works on the basis of common law. So by common law, it does not matter how long you have been there, it just matters who rightly owns the place. I think my neighbour does not understand that. No matter how long he has been parking there, that is still state land and everyone can park there.

So he came up with a great plan to put cones where his cars are meant to be;
Notice there is still one more cone hiding in the bushes? That's cos they didn't use one of the cars today, and that car is still parked where it is.

Seriously, got so desperate anot? What is wrong with walking a few ten metres from the public carpark? You make all the guests who come visit my house walk that far most of the time anw. Not only is he depriving people from parking there while he is away, his stupid cone is like blocking the road. There is only two lanes and you stupidly block 50% of it?! WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE HUH?

Side note, another reason I would never do this is because I'm too lazy. Isn't it so troublesome that whenever I go out I have to get out of the car to place the cones there, and then when I come back I have to get out of the car just to move it aside? At least this proves that the neighbour is willing to work hard for what he wants lol.

Second problem. The neighbour behind thinks he owns the land too.
This was taken from above from my roof garden.

Look closely, where the two circles are, those are gates leading into the common drainage area. So the first house on the left should have built into the drainage area. Well, if he could build into the drainage area, we all could have too, except that the title deed of the houses here say that the drainage area is common space and that no one owns it. So he is like paying less for more land. Is that even fair? And even if the land was really his, shouldn't it be like half belonging to him and half belonging to my next-door neighbour? How could he just take up everything?

Also, last time the guy who fogs the place will walk through the drainage area and kill the mozzies. But after he started building his house, the guy could no longer fog our place D: such an inconsiderate neighbour. Just cos he is the corner terrace and the guy can fog his house from outside does not mean he should deprive the rest of the people from mosquito protection! >.<

I remember when he just started building his house, the number of mosquitoes increased by alot, and my sister started to run a fever. The doctor said he did not know whether her fever was simply caused by the sudden increase in the number of mosquito bites she got, or because it was dengue. He would have to check again in a few days. Do you know how worried we were during that few days? So my dad wrote in to the URA about the neighbour extending his house and the URA said he could do anything he wants. STUPID URA WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?! Now we have to buy that mosquito repellent thingy and place it at the drain and change it regularly when it burns out. Why then are we paying taxes for the government to pay that fogging guy when he is not even doing his job. And then still have to pay double because we have to buy our own mosquito thingy.

Having said all that, I do agree I have nice neighbours too (: