Online Shopping ♥


Actually the whole world knows that already. That I hate wearing clothes that I have worn before and I hate using the same thing that other people have already cos I need to feel special :3 But that does not make me materialistic okay. Having a lot of material goods does not make people materialistic. It's not having any emotional wants and needs that make people materialistic. Which is completely not me. I think emotions are much more important than material goods. 

Having clarified that, I shall move back to the original topic. I have been shopping online lately, because I'm all cooped up at home. Even while I was in Alicia's house today we were shopping online too! ^___^ I have found many pretty international shops which I am really tempted to order from, including loads of pretty Japanese dresses! And I was even trying out Alicia's cosplay stuff :3

One of the pretty shoe boutiques I found is
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The shoes there are super chio. And most of them have my size, which happens to be Ladies 38 *hint hint*

This photo is taken off their tumblr.
Seriously, I have no idea how is anyone going to balance in these shoes. But of course, I'd never spend money on something that I have no faith in so I'm never going to find out how the balance works.

Some of my favourites ripped off their Instagram;