Pencil! :D

My stupid blue pencil finally spoiled on Thursday. After 4 or 5 years. It's been so long I can't even remember when I bought it O: so I bought the pink Rilakkuma Dr.Grip pencil today in time for Prelims and A-levels ^___^

I fell in love with that pencil when I tried out Christine's one. It's super comfortable and smooth (: at the shop today I was comparing designs of the pencils and when I finally decided on the pretty one I wanted, I figured out I was looking at the pens all this time! There was only three designs for the pencils, so I had to settle for the only pink one. The other two were brown + yellow.

Idk whether I should be happy or sad that I don't lose my things. The only time I remember I lost something, was my phone, but that was a theft case. The other thing I lose all the time is money. Cos I never remember who owes me. And if people owe me too long without owning up, I'll just forgo it. I think I wouldn't like to lose my phone or my wallet. But I really don't mind losing my pencil so that I can buy a new one. So since my pencil didn't go missing for 4 / 5 years, I had to continue using it >.<

Of course, some people say I can just discard the old one so that I can buy a new one, especially since my blue pencil was only $2 but I think it's such a waste to throw things that are still usable away. Furthermore, I wouldn't know where to keep the old pencil when I get a new one so I just decided to wait for it to spoil. Just like how I always wait for my pens to run out of ink before buying new ones. I remember by the end of two years of the pencil, I kept telling myself it's going to spoil anytime so I should start looking out for pretty pencils. Who knew that it'd take 4 whole years omg. Even a box of pencil lead doesn't take that long to be used up.

Then there's another problem. I hate it when things spoil too quick, but if they don't spoil when I want it to, I'd be so impatient about it. It'd be good enough if my new pencil lasts 5 years. If a $2 pencil can last 4 years, a $16 pencil should last 32 years. Except I'd be sick of it by then.

Problems with being me ._.