Queen Inhyun's Man

My current favourite show! And the best part is they really got together after the show awww ♥ but that was also because he 心机很重, target her for a very long time alr :3

Fine. I know I'm like ten thousand years behind time. Which means I haven't watched Bridal Mask either. But what can a poor JC kid do right ):

Anw, the title {Queen Inhyun's Man} doesn't really sound like a title I would watch, but Wu Ai recommended it. She said she didn't really like the title either but she had nothing else to watch so she just clicked on it and it turned out to be an awesome show! Which I agree (: and the 男主角越看越帅 :3

I have to quote Wu Ai a little bit here because the way she talked about the show really made me want to watch it. She said that the show is not like any typical Korean drama where the 男二号 and 女二号 are better and there was totally no reason why the 男女主角 should get together. Right from the start of the show it's obvious that the 男二号根本就不能看. And it's really different from other time travel shows like the irritating Rooftop Prince. And the guy is not the 笨笨 cannot adapt kind. And Yoo In Na's voice is so sweet and nice and cute it doesn't matter how many times she 撒娇, it doesn't get irritating (:

I think I should stop watching Taiwanese dramas and switch completely to Korean shows instead because Taiwan shows are really getting on my nerves. Like 真爱找麻烦 and 爱上巧克力, at first I liked them but after a while it got so draggy I stopped watching both halfway. 真爱找麻烦 has 84 episodes, but I watched until 40 I think. But Korean shows are so nice. They move fast, they end on a nice note and Korean scriptwriters have a special way of pulling my emotions together with the show (:

Oh and I really love 炎亚伦 but his new show 给爱丽丝的奇迹 was really bad. Even though at the end of 爱似百汇 阿一 did not get together with the girl, but that show was still way better. 怎么可以给我的偶像这么烂的一出戏?! D: GRRR >.< oh but I miss 飞轮海. I want them to come back soon ):