The Perks of Being Bilingual

I had never thought of it this way, but then today I suddenly realised that besides all those normal things the government has been indoctrinating us about being bilingual and the propaganda behind the bilingualism policy in Singapore, such as connecting the East and the West and all those other stuff I don't really believe in, I found another thing important about speaking both English and Mandarin well! :D I have never really learnt to speak colloquial Singaporean English even though I was born and bred here, and I don't even have that kind of slang people make when they when they pronounce English in a very Singaporean way. I mean, some people may be reading proper English, but the way they pronounce it is so Singaporean I would rather them speak Singlish, if that even makes sense ._.

The thing I found out is that being able to speak both a Western language and an Oriental one is that it makes learning other languages easy! I am so going to learn Korean after A-levels haha. My point being, Caucasians find it hard to learn a Eastern language because of all those 鼻音, 翘舌 and other sounds we make, and especially with all those different intonations. So I really think those people who have been speaking English the whole time and managed to pick up an Oriental language with extreme fluency (not just making weird sounds that I categorise as {ang moh speaking chinese}) really put in the effort. Kudos to them (: And also some Asian people, they can't pronounce English well despite their trying so hard. We live in Asia, so I'm sure we have met someone like that sometime in our lives, I don't have to elaborate this.

So my conclusion is, since I am relatively good at both English and Mandarin, learning a new language, for wherever it may come from, will become easy since I won't get a pronunciation shock when it requires making certain types of sounds characteristic to European or Asian languages \(^_^)/

The government should take into consideration my point and use it as propaganda haha.

Updates on life!

It's mid-week of the first week of prelims! D: I am so sick of studying already, even though it ain't as if I studied a lot during the study break anw. Just two days and a little bit more. I don't even know what I've been doing x: Wish me luck! I really do think I need it since I have no content to give the teachers anw /:

The next seven Saturdays are given to Jiawei (and if Amanda wants to join in). So please don't try to book me on Saturdays now! Wednesdays and maybe Sundays should be Wu Ai's, that is to be confirmed.

And and and! I finally understood this video hahaha;


Updates on sales I have been missing out on ):

kikki.K has $10 off for members with no minimum spending required, just top up the difference. I went there yesterday and bought a pretty to-do list so this one not counted.

This sale was at Haji Lane and the clothes were going at $5 up to $15. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! HAJI LANE CLOTHES AT AT MOST $15! I really wanted to go but it was 2 days before prelims D: and it wasn't like I was studying anyways -.-

I remember I missed Threadbare and Squirrel's members preview for the new season as well, and some other not-so-important stuff. I am going to make sure I am present at all these sales / fashion walks next year. So upset now hmph >.<