Universal Studios Singapore

Me, Christine and Huijun were first time in USS yesterday. Jiamin worked there before, so she knew the routes pretty well, although there were still some rides she has not taken because they were not yet open while she was there. And she had not taken the Blue before.

The first ride we took was Transformers;
The visuals were awesome :3 The ride itself was not so great, hj said that without the 3D specs on she could feel nothing at all, just the car shaking up and down, but nothing too scary. I think the movements of the roller-coaster was not that thrilling either, but we still went for a second time because of the storyline and special effects which really made the ride a worthwhile one. I think this was the best ride of the day, even better than the red and blue ones, which were completely not frightening ._.

Within the first two hours we finished all the more important rides like the Rapids and the Mummy. The Mummy ride was a little scary, especially the long walk in where the whole place turned dark. I almost thought my night-blindness was coming back haha. Rapids was just a slow ride with the dinosaurs, although at the end there was a mini-splash with a downhill fall, just a little bit more scary than then the Crates, which doesn't say a lot anw.
Jiamin and Huijun in the crate before the start of our ride (:

The last thing we did before we left USS was the Battlestar Galactica, the one that the three of them were squirming and preparing to quit even before we went on;
taking a picture before conquering the largest roller-coaster available here

the full thing

It didn't really look very scary to me, in fact it is smaller than the largest one I have taken so far, and neither was it going in many rounds. I remember in Six Flags we took one that went corkscrew seven consecutive rounds and I was counting aloud the number of times we turned while we were on it. Huijun found her guts after we took the red one, so she was pretty excited about the blue one, but Christine was feeling worried for both. I opened my eyes throughout both rides, so I could tell what was going to happen, and when I saw that we were about to fall, I started screaming before the fall to scare Chrsitine haha XP Not that scary actually, but must remember to pull the thingy that holds people to their seats right in, if not it'll push onto you halfway through the ride which is quite painful. I know because I experienced it twice /:

Before we went onto the red one, someone on the ride before us threw up. So the ride had to be stopped for a while so that they could clear up. Christine got even more worried for herself after she saw the poor guy vomitting ._. But anw yayee the three of them survived both \(^_^)/

Other stuff we did were the Shrek 4D, which was not very clear even with the 3D specs on, and idk why the chair keeps vibrating haha. And we took the merry-go-round at Madagascar too! :D
we took a photo with the sign because it was super chio

On the ride;
love the penguins ♥

huijun's violent tendencies revealed O:

Halfway through the ride huijun got a little bored I think. So she started leaning against the other seats;
This pic is already one of her more glam poses. There was one other thing she did I couldn't stop laughing looking at her XD

The Steven Spielberg thing was really cool, I never knew such a small soundstage could be made to look so vast on camera;
The photo's quite blur because it was really dark in there. But I don't understand how the fire managed to travel along set lines and not spread wildly. The wait to go in was pretty long, huijun and christine ended up seating on the railings;
But worth the wait I think.

Oh oh oh and we watched Sesame Street dancing! :D
I even got a video of them singing the Sesame Street theme song :3

I was quite sad the new Sesame Street ride has not yet open, but I took a photo with the cardboard wall (:

We sat down on the floor waiting for the show to start;
It felt really nostalgic, like going to a mall when we were young to watch shows on the make-shift stage. I remember very well a Blue Clues one because I love that dog. I was super stunned to see Blue Clues bigger than its owner. Now that I think of it, it should be because the costume was large haha.

Lunch was buying a few foods and sharing.
pizza meal

awesome turkey leg. a little too oily but a must-try! :D the bones were irritating though.

There was also Churros which was sweet. I didn't really like it, but the rest did.

Then we sat down to eat;

The rest of the day was camwhoring around the different sites. I think Christine looked glam cos she had her shades. I should have brought mine along /:

huijun's lamp post fettish

please enlighten me, huijun says these two doors are different but i think they're the same ._.

notice it says world's greatest boss

i know it's mist, but it kind of looks really disgusting like sewage water /:

huijun's manequinne pose

idk what was i doing either /:

jiamin says: christine looks glam, kellie looks like she's face-palming herself =.=

can't really see huijun's leg

love this polaroid shot 

at the sesame street store ^___^ i bought the elmo hat! :D


we realised we have to stand far far away from the entrance to take a picture of Far Far Away

we always have to take turns to help each other take pictures

we wanted amanda to gif an egyptian dance at this place but since she could not make it, we took a photo in memory of her

jiamin's old workplace. she met some of her ex-colleagues here