Wedding ♥

One of the reasons I own lots of dresses but hardly wear them is because dresses restrict my leg movements. When I stretch too far, I get stuck, especially by those straight cut dresses like the one I wore today. And I have to sit, stand and get into the car in the most polite way which I hardly do so.

6+am today and I was already especially pretty. Normally I'm just a pretty face, but today, I put my hair in a bun with a pretty clip, wore pretty a dress which I have only wore once before something like 2 years ago and carried a pretty Anna Sui clutch. Just before I left the house I still put on my new pretty sweater which I fell in love with because of the back design (which can't be seen).

Pictures of me in my attire is with the professional cameraman of the day. I couldn't be bothered to carry a camera and take photos if someone else wants to take pictures of me (:

8+am I was at my cousin's house all ready for the arrival of the bride (: she was prettier than me of course, because it is after all her wedding. I was also all smiles because of the food. Breakfast was shark fin soup noodles, and lunch was a buffet.
the bowl of shark fin soup noodles i had

I realised that with a large family there is a long list of people to 敬茶 to. I was helping to wash the cups after the elders drank so that the next group of people can get to drink from the same porcelain cups which looked like they were dressed in traditional chinese attire. The water I was using to wash the tea increased in volume and slowly turned very yellow as the undrank tea were all poured into the tub /: And then I got a 红包 for helping! :D

And all the 晚辈 got a cute pouch which jingles each as a 祝福 ♥